Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips From The Naperville Police Department

trick-or-treat safety tips naperville police department
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Halloween is almost here, and the Naperville Police Department has some safety tips to make sure all who decide to trick-or-treat remain safe while having fun.

COVID Caution

This year trick-or-treaters have a new trick to deal with – being cautious in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Police advise parents to check out safety guidelines set by the CDC and IDPH when making the decision of whether to trick-or-treat or not. The City of Naperville has also released guidance, along with free downloadable printouts for residents to use to indicate whether they will be handing out treats or not. Those who are should wash their hands thoroughly before preparing goodie bags, and space them out on a table or lined up in a yard to avoid any direct contact, so trick-or-treaters can “grab and go.”

Costume Choice

As you choose your costume, make sure it is flame retardant and a proper length, to ensure that you don’t trip and fall. Trick-or-treaters and those distributing candy should be wearing masks. Though many costumes include masks, the CDC advises that a Halloween mask is not a substitute for a recommended face covering. It’s best to discard the costume mask and use a standard face covering. And to make sure you are clearly seen as you trick-or-treat: use reflective tape on costumes or carry a flashlight or glowstick.

Motorists Be Aware

Motorists need to be on watch, keeping a careful eye out for trick-or-treaters. That’s especially important when pulling in and out of driveways, and during the most popular trick-or-treating hours of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. And as always, drive sober. If you are out celebrating, make sure you have a safe way set up to get home.

Trick-or-Treater Guidelines

Naperville does not have any set trick-or-treating hours, but officials recommend that young children head inside once it starts to get dark. Older kids are advised to head in at 8 p.m.

Younger kids should not be trick-or-treating alone. If trick-or-treating with others, make sure to keep the groups small, and ideally within the same family unit, and maintain a safe distance from others. Set up check-in times with older kids and have a clear mapped idea of where they will be trick-or-treating. Never go in anyone’s home or accept a ride from a stranger. While trick-or-treating, stick to well-lit areas, stay on sidewalks, don’t take shortcuts, and look carefully both ways before crossing streets. It’s a good idea for parents to review where registered sex offenders live in their area, by checking a searchable list on the City of Naperville’s website.

Candy Check

Once you’ve gathered all your treats, make sure that a parent inspects the candy first, and discards anything that looks homemade.


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