Two Brothers Barrel House

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There’s more spirits in store at the newly opened Two Brothers Barrel House.

Why Remodel?

After two months of remodeling the first and second floors, Two Brothers’ Jefferson Avenue space is now dedicated to its line of spirits.

“So our spirits company is kind of growing gangbusters right now, and it doesn’t really have a home,” said Two Brother Co-Founder Jason Ebel. “We distill over in Aurora. And we don’t have a good place to showcase it, because the roundhouse does so many other things. And so we had this great space in Naperville and we realized let’s take it and give the spirits company a home, remodel the space, and we call it the barrel house.”

What’s New?

A new bar took the place of the former café.

The Barrel House includes a newly tailored menu as well, including adult- and kid-friendly milkshakes.

The Americana feel is present throughout the space, while the third floor cocktail bar remains the same.

For Cafe Fans

If you’re a fan of the Two Brothers café don’t worry, there’s still a location roasting coffee in Aurora.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.