Uncertainty of CityGate West Plan Pauses The Project

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A $200 million project of the northwest part in Naperville will be delayed due to concerns surrounding the plans.

CityGate West

If approved, CityGate West would be located at the intersection of Route 59 and Ferry Road next to Topgolf and WhirlyBall. The proposed project calls for 60 acres of mostly vacant land to be transformed into two hotels, 410 residential units, restaurants, retail, and medical spaces.

A development of that size is bound to bring in a lot of jobs and tax revenue for the local area.

“The city would reap, once it’s fully built out, close to $1 million in additional tax revenue, about $850,000,” said James Prescott, a spokesperson for CityGate West. “For the schools [Indian Prairie School District 204] the amount is about $1.68 million per year.”

Prescott said CityGate West would also partner with Naperville’s Century Walk to design art pieces throughout the area.

At last night’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, CityGate’s petitioners asked for several conditional uses that would allow for the project to be built.

Concerns Surrounding The Project

Though there was a unanimous consensus that the project seemed like a great idea from commissioners, some expressed doubts about the plan.

Some of their concerns included the project’s timeline, the mixed-use residential building’s height and density, and commitments on the music venue and banquet hall for the vacant Odyssey Fun World building.

“We love this,” said Planning and Zoning Chairman Bruce Hanson. “I think there’s some phenomenally exciting things in here. But I would really love it if there were a little bit more clarity on this that you could work out with our staff and get it in writing and get it back to us so we can give you the approvals that you’re looking for.”

What’s Next?

CityGate West’s petitioners took Hanson’s advice and will be back on December 16 to present their revised plan.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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