Walk To End Alzheimer’s In Naperville

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“This morning, we are in downtown Naperville at North Central College for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This walk is to support the Alzheimer’s Association and their fight to find a cure for the disease. There’s been research done. They’re the leader, when it comes to funding research to help take this disease that has affected hundreds and thousands of people in such a devastating way at points. And one day we’re going to find an end to Alzheimer’s,” said Danielle Tufano, Executive Director for Downtown Naperville Alliance.

Promise Garden

Before the event starts everyone holds up a flower and each color flower has a special meaning behind it.

“I love the promise garden ceremony. A yellow flower, representing somebody that is caring for somebody with Alzheimer’s. An orange flower, somebody that’s here to support the organization. The purple flower, which I was holding today, symbolizes somebody that has lost somebody to Alzheimer’s. One day we had one single white flower here this morning, and that represents our hope to one day we will find a cure for Alzheimer’s. And so having that one white flower today and hoping one day we can have a promise garden ceremony full of white flowers would be great,” said Tufano.

Donation Goal

Every year a donation goal is set to hopefully one day find a cure.

“Karyn Charvat who we saw has been our largest fundraiser, individual fundraiser, so far this year, bringing in over $10,000 for the Naperville walk to end Alzheimer’s, which is amazing. Her team, Big D, is for her mom and she’s going through Alzheimer’s and Karyn has been greatly affected, her whole family and circle of friends,” said Tufano.

“You know, $220,000. Is where we’re at right now for the Naperville walk. We’re looking to get to $330,000 by the end of the year. And I think that’s a goal that we can hit if people continue to help spread awareness and share the mission of the Alzheimer’s association, we have until the end of December to bring in that goal,” said Tufano.

Donations are still being accepted on the Alzheimer’s Association website.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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