Who’s On The Ballot In the Illinois Primary Election

Who's On The Ballot In the Illinois Primary Election
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The Illinois Primary Elections take place on June 28th, and there are several races on the ballot that will decide who is eligible for November’s general election.

State Elections

For the seat of Illinois governor, Democratic incumbent J.B. Pritzker is challenged in his party by Beverly Miles. The Republican candidates for governor are Darren Bailey, Richard Irvin, Gary Rabine, Paul Schimpf, Max Soloman and Jesse Sullivan.

Next up on the ballot is a seat in the U.S. Senate. Democratic incumbent Tammy Duckworth is running unopposed in her party. Casey Chlebek, Peggy Hubbard, Robert “Bobby” Piton, Jimmy Lee Tilman II, Anthony W. Williams, Kathy Salvi and Matthew “Matt” Dubiel vie for the nomination from the Republican party. There is also a Libertarian nominee Bill Redpath.

For the Attorney General race, on the Democratic side, incumbent Kwame Raoulis is running unopposed. The current Republican candidates are Thomas DeVore, Steve Kim and David Shestokas.

Longtime Secretary of State Jesse White is stepping down after 24 years in office. The Democratic nominees for the position are Alexi Giannoulias, Anna Valencia, David Moore and Sidney Moore. And the Republican nominees are Dan Brady and John Milhiser.

The Democratic Comptroller nominee is Susana A. Mendoza and the Republican choice is Shannon L. Teresi. For Treasurer, the Democrat’s candidate is Michael W. Frerichs and the Republicans have nominated Tom Demmer.

DuPage County Elections

Current Dupage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin is not seeking re-election, stepping down after three terms. That leaves the field open, with two nominees on the Republican side hoping to hold the seat for the GOP: Greg Hart and Peter “Pete” DiCianni. The lone Democratic nominee is Deb Conroy. 

Republican James Mendrick is guaranteed to retain his job as Sheriff of DuPage County, with no other candidates running on either side of the ticket.

With only one candidate for each party in the primary, the November election for DuPage County Clerk will come down to either Democrat Jean Kaczmarek and Republican Evelyn Sanguinetti. It’s the same case in the DuPage County Treasurer race, Democrat Don Potoczny and Republican Gwen Henry.  

After redistricting drew new lines for DuPage County, all seats on the DuPage County Board will be up for election this time around. In District 5, there are three seats available, and there are three members of each party vying for these seats. For the Democrats, Dawn DeSart, Sadia Covert and Amy Chavez are in the running. And for the Republicans, Richard A. Janor, Patricia “Patty” Gustin and Janice Marie Anderson are the nominees.

The lone candidate for Regional Superintendent of Schools in DuPage County is Republican Amber M. Quirk.

Forest Preserve Elections

For President of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, the Democrats will be represented in the election by Daniel Hebreard and the Republicans by Robert J. Schillerstrom.

And for Commissioner of the Forest Preserve for District 5, Barbara A O’Meara is running for the Democrats and Elizabeth J. Folk Van Arsdell is in the race for the Republicans.

Lastly, for Commissioner of the Forest Preserve for District 3, Marybeth Carlson is in the race for the Democrats and Linda J. Painter is representing the Republicans. 

DuPage Judicial Elections 

There are four seats available for judicial replacements in 2022. Just one has more than one candidate within the primary: the position to fill the vacancy of the Hon. Vicki Wright on the Illinois 3rd Appellate Court. The two Democratic candidates are James A. Murphy and Sonni Choi Williams. The sole Republican candidate is Liam Christopher Brennan.

Will County Elections

All four Primary races in Will County feature candidates who are unopposed by anyone else from their party. For County Clerk the Democratic candidate is incumbent Lauren Staley Ferry and Republican candidate will be Gretchen Fritz.

The race for County Sheriff of Will County is between Democrat Mike Kelly and Republican Jim Kelly. For the position of County Treasurer, Tim Brophy is running for the Democrats and Raj “Pi” Pillai” is the Republican nominee.

Finally, Democrat Sean Walsh and Republican Elizabeth Caparelli-Ruff will face off this November for the position of Regional Superintendent of Schools.

U.S. House Seats

Due to districts being redrawn in Illinois, the 6th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives has two Democratic incumbents vying for the position:

Sean Casten and Marie Newman. They’ll face off against fellow Democrat Charles M. Hughes. Within the Republican party, Niki Conforti, Keith Pekau, Gary Grasso, Scott R. Kaspar, Catherine A. O’Shea, and Robert “Rob” Cruz have all tossed their names in the hat.

In the 11th Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Bill Foster is running unopposed in his party. The Republican party has seven contenders: Jerry Evans, Andrea Heeg, Catalina Lauf, Juan Ramos, Susan Hathaway-Altman, Cassandra Tanner Miller and Mark Joseph Carroll.

In the 14th Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Lauren Underwood is running unopposed within her party. The Republican candidates are Scott Gryder, Mike Koolidge, Jack Lombardi II, James Marter, Susan Starrett and Jaime Milton.

Illinois Senate

Both Democrat and Republican candidates for State Senator for the 21st Legislative District are running unopposed in the primary. The November race will come down to either Democrat Laura Ellman or Republican Kathleen Murray.

In District 41, Republican incumbent John Curran is running unopposed on both sides.

For District 42, Democrat Linda Holmes is the lone candidate in her party, and Republican Doug Santucci the only candidate in his.

Illinois State Reps

In the election for the Representative in the General Assembly for the 41st District, Janet Yang Rohr is the sole Democratic nominee and Jennifer Bruzan Taylor is the sole Republican nominee.  

In the 81st District, both party’s candidates are running unopposed. Democrat Anne Stava-Murray will face Republican Paul Leong in the November election.  

And it’s the same case in the 84th District, with the November race coming down to either Democrat Stephanie Kifowit or Republican Joe West.

Both mail-in ballots and early voting are underway in Illinois. All requests to vote by mail must be received by the Election Authority by June 23 and all in-person early voting requests must be submitted by June 27.

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