Will County Forest Preserve Celebrates 95 Years with Trail Challenge

Will County Forest Preserve Celebrates 95 Years with Trail Challenge
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95-Mile Trail Challenge

The Forest Preserve District of Will County is celebrating its 95th anniversary with a long-distance trail challenge. “Spring Ninety-fiver Challenge” encourages participants to walk, run, or bike 95 miles from March through June 30.

“What a better way to commemorate this milestone than encouraging people to get out in the preserves,” said Jen Guest, the Forest Preserve District of Will County’s recreation coordinator in a press release. “This challenge is about getting active outdoors in nature in a big way while traveling 95 miles through the Will County preserves.”

How to Participate

All of the Spring Ninety-fiver Challenge miles must be done in a Will County forest preserve and they can be any combination of walking, running or biking. Guests who want to be “a bit creative with their challenge” can also use a rollerblade, roller skates, pogo stick, or unicycle.

Participants can use an app such as Runkeeper to record their miles and upload screenshots of total miles once the challenge is completed. An online form and downloadable paper submission form is also available on the forest preserve’s website. Those who complete the challenge will receive a small wallet with a zippered pouch with the new forest preserve district logo.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.