Will County’s Proposed Motor Fuel Tax

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Will County residents could soon be paying a bit extra for gas. County Commissioner Julie Berkowicz recently held a public forum to discuss a potential four to eight cents per gallon Motor Fuel Tax in the county.

“This is another burden for people who are struggling right now,” said Berkowicz. “We’ve had so many tax increases and even though you may say its only four cents or eight cents a gallon, it still adds up.”

Increased Revenue

The tax could generate between $12-$14 million of revenue for the county, depending on the per gallon rate. That money would be used to repair county roads, 66% of which are more than 50 years old.

Will County estimates a four cent tax would cost the average driver about $21 per year.

Overburdened Tax Base

However, most residents at the meeting claimed Will County residents are already overburdened by taxes, and suggested a non-binding referendum on the issue.

“I would support that,” said Berkowicz. “I want the residents to be able to express their voice and tell us how do they feel about this.”

DuPage County already imposes a motor fuel tax of four cents per gallon.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.