‘World’s First’ AI-Based Robotic Restaurant Coming To Naperville

'World's First' AI-Based Robotic Restaurant Coming To Naperville
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Nala Robotics is opening what it claims is the first restaurant of its kind in the world. The business will use artificial intelligence for its robotic restaurant, which is coming to Naperville’s Mall of India at 776 S. Route 59.

More About The Robotic Restaurant

The Naperville location will be the company’s first, offering 10 different restaurants in one, according to a press release. A pizza parlor, burger joint, chicken wing shack, along with Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, and Portuguese food offerings will all be available thanks to a robot called ‘Chef Nala’.

Nala is hopeful that their AI-powered service will address some of the issues that have arisen for restaurants due to COVID-19, by eliminating human contact in food preparation and delivery to the customer.

“We are eager to see our years of hard work put into action this April. We expect Nala to be one of the biggest game changers in restaurant automation—emerging as the “go to” technology and methodology for years to come,” said Vijay Kodali, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

What Is Nala?

According to their website, Nala is the world’s first fully automated restaurant experience using patent pending technology, culinary innovation, and hundreds of menus from across the world to create a one stop eatery.

“Nala is the culmination of our years of research to bring a chef’s passionate culinary creations to life and customize it for every connoisseur’s taste using robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Our Naperville food court is first of many locations that we plan to launch all over world.” said Ajay Sunkara, the company’s President.

When Will It Open?

Nala Robotics said the AI-based robotics restaurant will open in April.


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