Audrey Baun High Flying Bars Routine

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Let’s elevate and reach for the bars with Audrey Baun for our girl’s play of the week. The Wildcat impresses the judge thoroughly with her routine, which includes a beautiful double tuck to cap the performance. That lands her a favorable 8.85 score and NSW’s Play of the Week, presented by Trunnell Insurance.

Full Event Recap

Neuqua Valley Wildcats hosting their second home meet of the season. WV/MV co-op technically the visitors – with the team also using the Neuqua gym as their home facility… so everyone is feeling the home “mat” advantage. Both schools coming off wins against Naperville Central.


We start on the runway with the Co-Op and Victoria Swanski… Off the spring board with a half twist…garners her an 8.3 to open up the night.

Wildcat Hailey Fitzgerald’s turn on the apparatus. She pulls off a yurechanko half twist and lands an 8.15 score.

Audrey Braun on Bars

We stick with Neuqua and move to bars. Audrey Baun’s pink hair is easy to spot as she charges up for the dismount… quite impressive double tuck to end her routine with an 8.85 score.


We turn up the music on floor and there were some impressive routines on the night! The co-ops Stephanie Sfek with a round off one and a half full for her first pass… little later on she pulls off a front walkover front whip helping her to an 8.6 score.

Sfek’s freshman teammate Haley Mitchell showing off her skills on floor next. She also is a fan of the front pass with a front walkover front punch and caps it off with a forward roll. Mitchell finishes her routine with a round off back handspring layout helping her to a 7.45

Wildcat Amelia Wachtell getting her team excited with a powerful full at the beginning of her routine. She shows off her skill and control a little later on with a front pass which earns her 8.45 points.

All-around gymnast of the night would go to Wildcat Hailey Fitzgerald. All power in this routine with a one and a half front punch pass and a front walkover front layout. Fitzgerald grabs an 8.7 on floor, as well as all around winner, which leads Neuqua Valley girls gymnastics to their second home victory of the season, 130.2 to 126 the final.

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