Badminton Naperville North vs. Naperville Central 04.14.22

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It’s a badminton version of the crosstown classic as Naperville North and Naperville Central bring out the rackets in the Hawks nest. The Huskies won the last go around 14-1 while the Redhawks look to bounce back after a tough loss to Neuqua Valley. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Three Doubles

We start with the three doubles as the Xu pair of Ella and Shannon bring the heat on Central’s Danielle Aldeguer and Amaya Liu. It’s Shannon who see’s the birdie and takes a whack at it for the point. The Husky duo is able to take the match in two sets by scores of 21-17 and 21-8.

Two Doubles

Redhawks get some help in the two doubles. Simi Kama and Jessica Pei are able to keep their composure with Husky’s Kotrynna Petreikyte and Bibiane Kan after Kama catches her opponents off guard. It’s an intense match but the NC team still wins it in straight sets 21-11 and 21-9.

One Doubles

We got a good one at one doubles with Central’s Michelle Hu and Hanna An against North’s Rosana Liang and Connie Lu. This set features a rally but the point goes to Central’s Advantage as Liang can’t get her birdie over the net. It’s North turn to get a score and despite some back and fourth fun, Liang makes sure that shuttlecock lands in their favor. Each team splits the first two sets. The aggressiveness continues with everyone fighting for a point. An is able to take a smack and the bird takes a hit the net but still makes it way over. Not a bad way to win as Hu and An take it in three sets.

One Singles

Here is Shannon Xu again but this time in the one singles. Her opponent is Central’s Michelle Hu but it doesn’t matter as Xu cruises in two sets by scores of 21-3 and 21-6.

Two Singles

The singles party continues for the Huskies where Rosana Liang has to battle in three sets but gets it done on Redhawk Jessica Pei on the two singles.

Three Singles

We save the best for last in the three singles. Husky Connie Lu and Redhawk Hanna An bring the heat. Lu starts things off by putting the birdie just out of An’s range in the first set. Next set it’s An wanting her revenge but has to go in a up hill battle with Lu. Who wants this point? The answer goes to An who finally puts that birdie out of its misery. On to set three we go. Lu wants to make sure she comes on and does by just getting that birdie over. What an intense three sets as the Huskies get the job done over Central 10-5.

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