Badminton Neuqua Valley vs. Naperville North 02.25.21

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Neuqua Valley Badminton arrives at Naperville North having already lose to the Huskies and now on a mission for revenge on the court. Check out the highlight, presented by BMO Harris Bank.

Let’s travel on over to Naperville North where the Wildcats from Neuqua Valley come to play. These two teams faced off just over two weeks ago and the huskies walked away with the narrow victory, 8-7. The wildcats are out for revenge tonight.

#2 Doubles

We pick things up with 2 Doubles with Neuqua’s Aryana Bharadwaj and Cynthia Zhang face off against Emily Shih and Rosanna Liang. Nice rally in set one until Zhang slams one down the line for the wildcats to lead in the first set.

Little later in set one and the huskies have great teamwork, working together until Shih hits the cross court shot to the back corner. Huskies battling in this one.

End of the first set and it’s off the serve that the huskies grab the victory, 21-19.

Second set action now and another good rally with everyone getting involved until Rosanna from the back line hits the drop shot. Huskies take 2 doubles in 2 sets 21-19. 21-10.

#1 Doubles

We move to one doubles now with North’s Bhaavya Manikonda and Shannon Xu facing off against Helen Zhao and Bhavi Barnwall and it’s the huskies who strike first to geab the early lead.

Neuqua stays in it, though right off the serve and down the line by Helen gets the wildcats on the board.

End of the first set and Manikonda showing off with the no look shot over the net. Huskies take set one 21-15.

Set two and Manikonda with the soft touch off the serve just over the net. Huskies take one doubles in two sets.

Neuqua Valley Badminton Storms Back

Let’s drop a teammate and move to 4 singles with Wildcat Shruti Panse facing off against Sarah Yeh and it’s Panse with the drop shot over the net to grab the early lead.

Yeh fighting in the first set as Panse has been controlling this one so far… but Yeh gets the cross drop shot for the point to hang on.

Panse takes the first set after forcing Yeh to the back line and she just can’t get the shot over, 21-15.

Second set action now and Panse has all the right answers, she cleans up in two, 21-15, 21-18.

#3 Singles

We move to 3 singles with Neuqua’s Helen Zhao against Emily Shih and it’s Shih in the first set who gets the drop shot to fall.

Zhao starts to come back in the first set and attacks at the net to regain the lead.

Another great rally from Zhao and Shih as both players show off their strength, playing from the back line. Zhao ends it after moving up and slamming the bird to the ground, 22-20.

Second set and Zhao carries her energy through this set, too. She knows where her opponent is not – as she carries the bird to the back corner for another point. The wildcat takes this set too 21-11.

#2 Singles

We stay on the same court but rotate in the 2 singles competitors with Bhavi Barnwall for Neuqua facing off against Shannon Xu for North who moves quick to take the lead in set 1.

Xu just seems to be everywhere in the first set and she grabs the first set victory.

The Huskie carries her energy into the second set and takes the two set win, 21-4, 21-5.

#1 Singles

Neuqua’s Gowri Salem and North Bhaavya Manikonda face off in one singles and it’s Salem who grabs the early lead.

Manikonda stays in it though and then takes set one with the quick comeback 21-9.

Set two and Salem staying in it with the quick drop shot that Bhaavya can’t return

Bhaavya reigns it in though and then takes the two set victory over Salem, 21-9, 21-11. But despite North winning one singles and doubles and two singles and doubles, Neuqua Valley badminton take the match, showing off incredible depth.

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