Badminton Neuqua Valley vs. Naperville North 04.05.22

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Neuqua Valley badminton goes up against Naperville North where the Wildcats take the team victory over the Huskies. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Spring break has ended and the DVC season is here for girls badminton. Naperville North looking to defend the team’s state championship against another state trophy winner, Neuqua Valley badminton.

One Doubles

We begin with one doubles. Naperville North in the near court with Rosana Liang and Connie Lu, Bhavi Barnwal and Nayoon Lee from Neuqua in the far court. Lee with a shot that she drops just out of reach for the Huskies. Neuqua takes set one 21-14.

Neuqua serving in the second set and this time North is ready as Liang smashes home this point as the Huskies look to even things up.

Lu serving in the far court now, Barnwal reaches and makes a nice return, but again Liang is ready for the smash. North takes the second set 21-19 to force a tiebreaker.

Lee serving for Neuqua now, Barnwal and Liang go back and forth until Barnwal lobs one just over Liang’s head that stays inbounds. Neuqua wins the third set 21-17.

Two Doubles

Let’s move down to number two doubles with Kotryna Petreikyte and Bibiane Kan from Naperville North and Cynthia Zhang and Aarushi Choudhary from Neuqua.

Huskies serve in the far court and Zhang pounces with a quick return for the point. Petreikyte serving before Kan volleys and leaves a shot that the Wildcats can not return. Huskies back in this one.

But Neuqua Valley is just too much as Choudhary finishes things off with a smash. Cats win two doubles 21-14, 21-10.

Three Doubles

Two of North’s top players Shannon Xu and Amanda Ng competing in three doubles against Hannah George and Wanhan Sun from Neuqua.

Rapid fire action early in this one as Sun fires home this point that Xu can’t get a racquet on.

But the Huskies battle back. George and Ng volley at first until Xu uses lobs and drop shots to keep her opponents off balance, finishing the point with a strong smash. Huskies win 21-16, 21-12 in straight sets.

Two Singles

Moving to number two singles, Shannon Xu in that spot for North. She will take on Bhavi Barnwal from Neuqua Valley.

A great matchup between a pair of 2021 state qualifiers and we see how strong each player is during this volley. Barnwal working for each point before she is able to secure one with a cross court smash.

Shannon Xu is one of the most exciting athletes to watch, always willing to put her body on the line to win a point. Check out the splits to keep the birdie alive and a sprawling attempt that comes up just short. What an effort, but the point goes to Barnwal.

Xu would recover from there as she lobs one over Barnwal’s head and it just stays within the lines. The Huskie junior takes the win 21-7, 21-14.

One Singles

Amanda Ng with massive shoes to fill in one singles for Naperville North after the graduation of two time state singles champ Bhaavya Manikonda. She faces Hannah George playing one singles for the Wildcats.

Some great returns from George to stay alive here in the first set as she gets low for a few of them. She then takes this point with a solid smash.

Near the end of the first set, Ng keeps her opponent off balance and then just drops one right over the net that finds the floor for the point.

George serving in set two, but Ng with just a nasty return that crosses her up to help secure the win. 21-15, 22-20 for the Huskie. However, Neuqua Valley takes the team victory 9-6 thanks to wins in three of the top four doubles matches.

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