Benet Academy girls tennis emerges victorious after road test at Naperville Central

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A week after rain washed away a lot of the scheduled matchups, Benet Academy girls tennis was able to make the trip to face Naperville Central for the annual non-conference clash. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Meredith Converse playing once again at one singles for the Redwings while Naperville Central is excited to have two-time state qualifier Sofia Olaru back as the top singles player for the red and white.

Naperville Central with new found depth in singles play

Olaru serves first in the far court and Converse gets off to a solid start with her returns. The junior with a pair of strong backhands that push Olaru into the corner. That allows Converse to set up a strong smash for the point.

The Redhawk junior is able to knock off some of the rust early and she puts her own power on display with the ace that Converse can not return back in bounds. Olaru takes the first set 6-2.

In the second set, Olaru is able to pull away. A forceful backhand gets past her opponent for the point as the Redhawk takes the one singles victory 6-2, 6-0.

Number two singles sees Claire Cameron moving over for Naperville Central after playing at number one in recent weeks against Benet Academy freshman Lily Lopatka.

In the first set, Cameron uses her serve to keep Lopatka on the move, chasing returns across the court. The Redhawk then waits back on the lob and powers a forehand through for the point.

However, despite it being her first season on varsity, Lopatka shows poise and power as she pushes Cameron back on her heels, eventually forcing a return in to the net. The Redwing takes the two set win 6-2, 6-4.

On to number three singles where Maggie Phelan from Benet Academy takes on Amy Yang of Naperville Central. Phelan serving in the near court and Yang fires a return back that overpowers her opponent for the point. The Redhawk wins set one 6-4.

Set two is a back and forth affair with Phelan in control of this point. A well placed shot in the back corner just stays in play as Yang can not send it back as the point goes to the Redwing.

In the end, Amy Yang is able to pull away as a crafty serve delivers an ace and a hard fought win by the score of 6-4, 6-4.

Benet Academy shows strength of doubles lineup

The doubles matchups are competitive as well starting at three doubles where Claire DiSanto and Meaghan McCarthy from Benet Academy face Luoxu Chen and Melody Xu from Naperville Central.

Benet serving first in the near court but the Redhawks have a great return near the back line that forces a ball into the net for the point.

The Redwings return the favor with a quick return that is ripped down the line for the point. The sophomores, DiSanto and McCarthy take the win in two sets. Benet also gets a win in two doubles behind Natalie Grover and Katie Jendra.

Wrapping things up at number one doubles with four experienced players. Seniors Ami Patel and Kira Yang from Naperville Central square off against juniors Clare Lopatka and Shane Delaney from Benet.

Both doubles pairings have played together for multiple seasons now and it shows. Yang with a lot of slice on her serve as Patel goes for the poach at the net. Lopatka sends a return back, but a second smash from Patel gets down for the Redhawk point.

Another serve from Yang with plenty of movement as Patel again tries the poach at the net. Lopatka lobs her return farther back this time which allows Delaney to get in position for some strong forehands, before dodging out of the way of a Yang return that lands out of bounds by half a foot. Benet takes the first set 6-1.

Yang serving again in the second set, Lopatka sends it back while Delaney approaches the net for the poach. Yang digs out a lob, but Delaney spikes the ball down with a smash to put away the point. Benet Academy takes one doubles 6-1, 6-2 and the team victory over Naperville Central girls tennis by a 5-2 tally.

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