Benet Academy vs. Lyons Township Boys Volleyball 5.21.19

May 23, 2019
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Benet Academy and Lyons Township meet in a boys volleyball regional semi-final affair at Riverside Brookfield with a chance to advance in the IHSA playoffs on the line.

First Set

First set and Benet already leading 3-0… and make that 4-nothing after Matthew Degnan serves up an ace as an appetizer.

Benet still feasting as Degnan continues to serve… But here come the Lions on the attack chance… except, they didn’t account for Kevin Drazba. He provides a wall and collects the block. BA up 7-0.

Zipping ahead to set point, Redwings up 24-20. Lyons Township trying to stave off a first-set-loss… but Augie Mazza stuff them at the net… and then Ray Bonner (tehe) buries it in to the net. BA wins the first set 25-20.

Second Set

To the second set and Lyons leads 20-11. Benet’s Degnan sets up Drazba but his kill attempt is dug out. Then the Lions go to Bonner’s way and sends a rocket over the net. Lyons takes the second set 25-12.

Third Set

To the third and Benet trying to scrap its way to a three-set win… and Degnan puts the Redwings on their way with a kill. BA up 11-8.

Now 17-all and a chance for one of these teams to claim an edge heading to the finish line… and the kill attempt from Benet is sealed off at the net. Lyons now leads 18-17.

And from there, Lyons wins 25-21… Lyons goes on to beat Riverside Brookfield to win the regional championship.

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