Benet’s Kyla Kenney Gets Unbelievable Diving Dig

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Benet’s Kyla Kenney had top-notch defense in the state championship girls volleyball game! Check her out in this week’s Play of the Week, presented by Naperville Dental Specialists!

The Play

Girls play of the week and it should be pretty obvious what you are about to watch if you saw the highlight… Benet Academy, in the state championship match and junior Kyla Kenney… with unbelievable defense in the back row to keep the rally alive… She gets the one handed diving dig, rolls, gets right back up and is ready to go… Look at Hattie Monson’s second take as if to ask… did that really just happen… yeah it did. Just unbelievable defense for the redwings as they went on to win the state championship and Kyla Kenney grabs this week’s Play of the week.

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