Boys Diving DVC Meet 03.12.21

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Boys Diving DVC meet time as the top divers from the conference gather at Waubonsie Valley to sort out who can claim the top spot in 2021. This highlight is presented by BMO Harris Bank.

Final time for our area divers to lift off, tuck and twist. We’re at Waubonsie Valley for the DVC meet, while the swimming portion will be held at Neuqua. North, Central Waubonsie and Neuqua all sending reps to the Warrior pool.

Let’s open with the home-team product, Max Bukala – here’s his very first dive of the day, a backward 1 summersault, with a half twist – earns high scores and soft smile from the Warrior.

His teammate, Max Strater, pulls of an backward 1 and one half summerault tuck to near perfection – especially with the higher level of difficulty.

Next we go to a Huskie diver – Ryan Morrow attempting the forward two summersault tuck and completes the move – he winds up in 7th with a 228 score.

Teammate Gavin Rump performs a forward 1 and one half summersault pike – the North diver ends up in 5th with 259 points.

To the Neuqua Wildcat, Thomas Kiefer – the sophomore with a pretty dive – an inward 1 and one half tuck – which has a 2.2 degree of difficulty

We get a Central diver on the board – Chase Coudreaut pulls off the simple but perfect back dive straight – throws in a couple fist pumps and ends the day in 4th.

Fellow Redhawk Thomas Egan throws a back 1 and one half summersault tuck in the sixth round – he winds up 6th.

We return to catch Waubonsie’s Strater preforming a forward one summersault, one twist – the Warrior ends up in 3rd with 278.75 points

Edging him out by .25 points overall – Neuqua’s Kiefer. The inward one summersault tuck give him the edge for second place.

The winner? That would be Waubonsie’s Bukala. The junior blows away the field with 328.8 points – winning by a wide margin.

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