Boys Tennis Metea Valley vs. Benet Academy 04.25.22

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Benet Academy boys tennis faces Metea Valley in a non-conference matchup where overall team matchup ends in a tie. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

A chilly, overcast afternoon at the Benet Academy boys tennis courts as Metea Valley comes to St. Scholastica for a visit.

One Doubles

We begin with number one doubles, Metea Valley’s Nikunj Tyagi and Akshay Baid against Benet Academy seniors Drew Donovan and Noah Bobofchak (Bob-uh-check).

The Mustangs with a win over Neuqua Valley a week ago. Tyagi serving and Baid quickly is ready for a backhand to earn this point. Metea wins the first set 7-5.

But the Redwings are not ones to roll over. Tyagi and Donovan volley back and forth near the net until Bobofchak runs in from the back and splits the court with a powerful forehand. Benet takes set two by a 6-2 score.

Donovan with a tough serve that Baid does a nice job getting back over the net. Tyagi then taps a return over before Bobofchak and Baid go back and forth. Baid goes for a smash but the Redwing is ready and slips a shot near the line for the winner. The Redwings take the tiebreaker 10-7 to win one doubles.

Two Doubles

Sliding over to number two doubles where senior John Yahiro and freshman Patrick Burke form Benet take on Jash Kadakia and Pranav Swaminathan from Metea.

Burke serving in the near court, Yahiro makes it look easy as he reaches up for this smash. Redwings roll in set one 6-2.

But in set two, the Mustangs put up a big time fight. Jash Kadakia is flying around the court during this point, finishing things off with a smash as he charges the net. Nicely done.

Kadakia now serving and this time it’s Swaminathan who gets the point on the smash. Mustangs looking to force a third set.

Late in the set, Metea with the serve, but Patrick Burke comes up to the net and puts the Mustangs on their heels with several returns and a big smash to secure the two set win, 6-2, 6-4. However, Metea wins both three and four doubles.

Two Singles

Only two singles matches on this day as opposed to the traditional three. Varun Ramprakash from Metea Valley faces Benet Academy freshman Hugh Davis.

Ramprakash serving in the near court, Davis has a return and shifts to his left. Ramprakash sends his shot to his right to force a return into the net.

Davis now serving in the second set. There is a rally back and forth between the two until Davis unleashes a strong shot near the line that stays in for the point.

Late in the set, Davis serving with the wind and Ramprakash slices his return and look at this backspin as the ball just dies once it hits the court. The Mustang wins two singles 6-0, 6-3.

One Singles

Now to one singles, another Benet freshman Zach Bobofchak, Noah’s younger brother, faces Aadit Gandhi from Metea Valley.

Gandhi serving early in the match, Bobofchak does a nice job getting to these returns but the Mustang really making him work both sides of the court. Eventually Gandhi is able to secure the point.

Late in the first set, Bobofchak serves and both players send some lobs back and forth until the young Redwing puts a little extra behind his forehand to get the point down the line.

Despite trailing most of the match, Gandhi battles all the way back and makes some impressive plays. Here he goes low for a return and deadens the ball for the point.

But Bobofchak just too much in this matchup. Just like his earlier point, he almost lulls his opponent to sleep with some lobs near the back before unleashing a rocket near the line. It’s a 6-1, 6-1 victory in one singles. The overall team match up ends with a 3-3 tie.

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