Boys Tennis Naperville Central vs. Naperville North 05.06.21

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It’s time for another crosstown matchup on the tennis court with the Naperville Central boys visiting Naperville North on a sunny but cool afternoon.

One Doubles

Let’s start things off with number one doubles. Blake Roegner and Danyaal Saeed from Central pairing up against Naperville North sophomores Dovydas Jasinauskas and Nathan Lee.

Roegner and Saeed both experienced state performers, but the young Huskies hanging tough in the opening set.

Roegner played at one singles last week against Neuqua Valley, but he looks comortable back in doubles. The senior gets the smash after the Saeed serve.

Second set, Roegner with a strong serve that Lee does a nice job just getting a racquet on, but the Redhawk finishes off the point with a forehand. Central takes it 6-1, 6-0.

Two Doubles

Over to number two doubles. David Wang and Kevin Ho from Naperville Central taking on Akash Bansal and Nick Liu from North.

Bansal serving and the return is long, the Huskies take the early point.

Later in the first set, the Redhawks show a quick reaction for the point. Ho and Wang take the opening set 6-1.

The Central duo able to close things out in the second set thanks to a great backhand down the line. A two set win 6-1, 6-2.

One Singles

Over to one singles, Jack Cook from Naperville North taking on Vincent Yin from Naperville Central. Yin moving up to one singles with Roegner moving to doubles. The decision seems to be working so far as Yin wins the first set 6-1.

Cook serves in the second set. Yin’s return forces a lob from Cook and a powerful forehand closes things out. Another win for the red and white, 6-1, 6-0.

Two Singles

Most exciting matchup of the day comes in two singles with Luke Fernandez from Naperville North squaring off with Charlie Morgan from Central.

A very even matchup between these two, Morgan more of a power player while Fernandez thrives on accuracy and control. With this point, Morgan forces a tough return before getting the strong forehand down the line for the point.

Near the end of the opening set, both players sticking near the back line, until Morgan approaches the net. Fernandez gets a well placed shot passed him and keeps it in play. The Huskie takes set one 6-3.

But Morgan battles back in the second set. Serving in the far court, a lazer off the raquet for the point. We are going to a third set after the Redhawk takes the second 6-4.

A back and forth volley has Morgan showing off the power, while Fernandez waiting for his moment. The Huskie pops a shot over Morgan’s head. A great job getting a return back over but Fernandez finishes things off and wins the third set 6-1. Naperville Central boys tennis takes the team win 5-2 after sweeping the four doubles matches. North wins two and three singles.

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