Boys Tennis Neuqua Valley vs. Metea Valley 04.21.22

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Metea Valley boys tennis takes on Neuqua Valley in a DVC clash where the Mustangs narrowly defeat the Wildcats. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

It’s a nice, breezy day for boys tennis as Neuqua Valley takes on Metea Valley who is all decked out in their neon green shirts for this DVC clash.

Three Singles

Let’s begin with three singles as Metea’s Jash Kadakia faces Neuqua’s Vishwa Salem.

Salem returns Kadakia’s shot, but the Mustang puts some heat on this shot and his opponent has no chance to hit that one back.

Later in the match, though, Salem has a response. Kadakia whips a nice forehand shot, but Salem makes a difficult return look easy getting it past the Mustang to get the point.

But it’s Kadakia who would deliver in the end as he caps off this rally with a solid forehand shot and Salem hits the net. Kadakia wins it in two sets 6-3, 6-2.

One Singles

Next up is Metea’s Aadit Ghandi versus Neuqua’s Johnny Mou in one singles.

This match was one of the more tense ones with both players working hard on each volley. In this set, Mou hits a shot to the back corner that Ghandi isn’t quick enough to return.

Although, Ghandi bounces back as he executes a similar shot that Mou can’t track down.

We got a rally going between the two foes and it’s Mou coming out on top as Ghandi can’t get it over the net. The Wildcat takes both sets 6-3, 6-3.

Three Doubles

Let’s look at three doubles with Metea’s Rajas Gandhi and Prithvi Reddy against Neuqua’s Merlin Lu and Ethan Lynde.

It’s a back and forth rally between the duos and Lu rips this forehand shot that helps secure the point for Neuqua.

Reddy smacks this ball to the back of the court and Lu’s shot goes long, which gives Metea the point in the set.

However, the Wildcats take another match as Ethan Lynde lunges to his right for the nice forehand at the net. They win in dominant fashion 6-0, 6-1.

One Doubles

Finally, we have one doubles with Metea’s Nikunj Tyagi and Akshay Baid taking on Neuqua’s Jonah Grover and Sid Javeri.

Javeri serving for the Cats, which causes a quick rally and Tyagi places this shot in a spot where neither of their opponents can get it.

Later on, Tyagi goes low on this return, Grover hits it back, and Baid’s shot goes way out of bounds giving the point to Neuqua.

Although, the Mustang pairing would emerge victorious as Tyagi hits a nice backhand with both hands to give the duo the straight set win. That helps Metea narrowly defeat Neuqua 4-3.

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