Boys Volleyball Naperville North vs. Benet Academy 04.23.21

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The boys volleyball season is back in Naperville for the first time in two years. Naperville North coach Nate Bornancin and Benet Academy coach Jeff Steinberg both helped their school’s girls teams to undefeated seasons as assistants just days prior to the match.

Set One

Right off the bat, Benet Academy comes out firing. Ryan Treacy sets up Drew Rogers who taps the ball over with the left hand to earn the point.

The Redwings build an early lead thanks to the defense. Liam Gallagher uses those long arms to get the block at the net as Benet leads 10-2.

The Huskies find their footing later in the set, Julian Roque gets set up by Peter Vaikutis for the kill and the Redwings can’t get the block over.

Benet serving again, North can’t get anything going and just sends a free ball over. BA makes them pay and Nicholas Guth sets up Ethan Sturm for the monster kill. Redwings pulling away.

But the Huskies battle back despite the big deficit. Peter Vaikutis gets the ace and North begins to chip away.

Benet up 22-15, but again the Huskies keep battling. Nate LaDeur with a dig and Manny Matel-Sanchez gets the kill. North with the momentum now.

But the Redwings regroup, the Guth brothers keep the ball alive for Luke Marushka who gets the ball over and it slips over the net. Benet takes the first set 25-18.

Set Two

Naperville North boys volleyball starts off the second set on a much stronger note, Britten Beallis gets one of his four kills as the Huskies lead 5-3.

Tied at 10 apiece, Benet with the serve. Neither team can do anything with possession early, but eventually Vaikutis sets up Nate Montanari for his fourth kill. Naperville North retakes the lead.

Huskies serve and the Redwings respond quickly as Niall Gallagher gets the kill off the net as Benet now leads 17-16.

Back and forth we go, neither team can get an edge in this second set. Drew Rogers tries to send the ball over put Peter Vaikutis is there for the block.

Benjamin Guth serving later in the set and he ends up getting the ace. A big play as the Redwings lead 23-19.

Benet looking to close it out, Vaikutis goes for a quick kill but Drew Rogers makes a fantastic dig. Benet keeps the ball off the floor until Ryan Treacy sends it over. The Huskies can’t get the return and Benet Academy hangs on. The Redwings start the season with a two set win 25-18, 25-21.

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