Boys Volleyball Regional Semifinal St. Francis vs. Metea Valley 05.24.22

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Metea Valley boys volleyball faces St. Francis in the regional semifinal where the Mustangs hold off a furious rally by the Spartans. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

We got the boys volleyball regional semifinal at St. Francis High School where the number seven seed Metea Valley Mustangs face the number 10 seed Spartans.

Set One

Francis looking like a game opponent early. Kyle Zediker sets up Cameron Engesser who spikes it off the Metea Valley boys volleyball blockers. They’re up 2-0.

A beautiful diving dig by DVC MVP Aidan Murphy keeps the play alive for the Mustangs. Engesser gets another opportunity at the net, but Ashwin Achanta knocks it away.

Metea has taken the lead as Zediker slides to try assisting Engesser, but once again, Achanta isn’t having any of it. He’s fired up and his team leads 6-3.

Another great effort play by the Mustangs, this time from Chad Luckinbill who gets a hand on the ball to help send it over. Although, Zediker surprises the defense as he quickly taps it over.

Fast forward to set point for St. Francis as they look to return. Zediker volleys it all the way over to Eddie Muller who spikes it off Aidan Murphy and that secures the first set win 25-21.

Set Two

After a competitive opening set, it’s a much different story in the second. Murphy to Laurynas Kanopka for the kill to open the scoring.

Later in the set, Metea leads by seven. Murphy gives it up to Bartosz Chmielewski whose spike attempt lands before the back line to extend the lead to 12-4 with a celebration afterwards.

Cameron Engesser looks to smash, but DJ Parthiban with a nice dig and eventually it’s a Chad Luckinbill kill. Mustangs win the second set 25-13.

Set Three

Now to the deciding set. Murphy volleys it to Marco Palczynski who sets up Robert Stewart for the spike. They lead 7-2.

Moving forward in the set, Metea has stretched their lead to 11. Palczynski is blocked at the net, but they keep the play going. Murphy gives it up to Bartosz Chmielewski for the kill and it looks like they might run away with this one.

But suddenly the Spartans fight back. Chad Luckinbill can’t return Kyle Zediker’s serve and that cuts the lead to nine.

Metea having trouble getting the ball over, but eventually they do only for Ryan Lyngaas to spike it towards the opening in the defense. Somehow, it’s just 21-16 MV.

Francis volleys it to their opponent and eventually Aidan Murphy looks to assist Robert Stewart, but it’s Lyngaas again making a big play at the net with the rejection. It’s still a five-point game.

However, the deficit is too much to overcome as libero Zobie Amgaabaatar finds Chad Luckinbill for the game-winning kill. Metea Valley holds off a furious rally by St. Francis and takes the three-set victory. They will play two-seeded Hinsdale Central in the regional final on Thursday.

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