Football Naperville North vs. Waubonsie Valley 10.14.22

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It’s a rainy cold night for some football. Naperville North travels to Waubonsie Valley. A win tonight for the Huskies and they are officially in the playoffs. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

First Quarter

First snap of the game. Luke Elsea is looking for Sean Bizon downfield but his pass is picked off by Cole Clemens who runs 30 yards in the other direction.

The very next play Aidan Gray hands off to Nathan Jacobs who gets hit and that knocks the ball loose allowing Bryce Provis to pounce on the ball recovering the fumble.

The recovered fumble doesn’t lead to anything so the huskies get the ball back. Gray hands off to Cole Arl who gets a nice block from Jackson Kerstin allowing him to run 22 yards for the opening touchdown.

A couple of minutes later North has the ball again. Gray hands off to Nathan Jacobs who bobs and weaves his way through the warrior defense running 25 yards putting the huskies up 13-0.

Final seconds of the 1st quarter. Luke Elsea is looking downfield but he can’t find a receiver, eventually he sees Sean Bizon on the outside but his pass is intercepted by William Korosec.

Second Quarter

Following the interception. North starts the second quarter in the red zone. Gray once again hands off to Jacobs who forces his way into the end zone extending the lead to 20.

Seven minutes to play now in the second quarter and the Huskies are in the red zone again. Gray hands off to Dimitri Butler who avoids a tackle and forces his way into the end zone.

Final play off the first half, North once again works their way into the red zone. This time Gray gives the ball to Danny Eloe who puts Naperville North up 34-0 going into halftime.

Third Quarter

Third quarter now and Carson Marlar is in at quarterback he decides to keep it himself as he runs 27 yards down the sideline tacking on another touchdown for the Huskies.

Naperville North dominates the game and they clinch a playoff spot with a 41-0 win over Waubonsie Valley.

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