Gary Gorforth Retiring as Benet AD After 30 Years

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Gary Goforth has spent the last 42 years at Benet Academy, the last 30 as Athletic Director, but now steps away and into retirement. This feature is presented by Edward Medical Group.

Gary: I think it all just fell together

Kind of like a puzzle. Slowly at first, then more quickly. Now, the final piece has been set. The picture is complete and the 30 years of hard work looks outstanding.

Gary: It’s been a great ride, best I can say it. 42 years and 30 years as AD, you couldn’t ask for a better place to be.

Gary Goforth is passing the role to just the fourth new AD in the last 74 years. The successor? His assistant for a decade, Scott Lawler. A key reason, the mutual approach to prep sports.

Gary: High school the job should not be dependent on wins and losses; Benet has never been about wins and losses in sports. We just happen to be winning a lot right now. Benet has always been about coaching the kids and I always used to coach the kids like they’re going to be coaching themselves one of these days.

Lawler is one of countless coaches Goforth has hired in the last 30 years. There’s a common trait among the coaching ranks at Benet Academy

Gary: We’ve never considered Benet to be a stepping-stone to another job now, I’m not saying that has never happened, actually I don’t know if I can tell you that’s happened in my tenure. It might have happened before that.

And the success has followed. Benet has seen its reputation as a premier competitor bolstered in recent years. State titles in soccer, tennis, volleyball and basketball have made sure of that.

Gary: We play great competition, we don’t shy away from playing great competition and we’ve just built it step by step at a time.

And now Goforth can enjoy a well-deserved retirement. More time with family is at the top of the to do list. Oh, and rooting on the Redwings, just now… as a fan.

Gary: What a great ride

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