Girls Tennis Benet Academy vs. Naperville North 09.08.21

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Naperville North girls tennis takes on Benet Academy at home where the Huskies narrowly defeat the Redwings. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The blacktop out at Naperville North plays host to Benet Academy on a warm Wednesday afternoon.

Naperville North head coach Heather Henricksen expressed the desire for her team to perform well in this matchup as she said this could be a preview of sectionals.

One Doubles

The top doubles match features an intriguing mix of weathered vets and eager rookies as freshmen Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee have a tough challenge against Benet seniors Kaitlyn Lee and Felicity Kolb, reunited as doubles partners after winning the 1A sectional last year. The teams go back and forth and trade off game wins early on.

In maybe the biggest upset of the afternoon, Coffman and Gabby Lee upset Kolb and Kaitlyn Lee in straight sets, 6-1, 6-1. Impressive work from the young Huskies.

One Singles

The number one singles match showcases the freshman, Clare Lopatka, for Benet and Aaryana Parekh for the Huskies

Lopatka really had her backhand working for her during this match and she shows it off here as she tallies another in the point column during her first set.

Parekh held her own during the crosstown clash but would eventually fall in two sets 6-1, 6-1.

Two Singles

The second singles pairing pits Dheera Prattipati of Naperville North and Meredith Converse of Benet against one another.

After struggling in the first set losing 0-6, Prattipati battles hard in the second set but Converse is able to close out the second set 7-6 to prevent the tiebreaker.

Two Doubles

Finally, the second doubles match, which was one of two matches that needed 3 sets to be decided, features Huskies Callie Genovese and Tiffany Cheng and Redwings Claire Converse and Shane Delaney.

Neither team can get an edge the entire match. The Huskies take set one 6-4, but the Benet duo evens things up with a 7-5 second set win. The third set tiebreaker goes down to the wire, but the Huskies would prevail; 6-4, 5-7, 10-8.

Naperville North girls tennis goes on to win the meet 4 to 3 on the back of their strong performance in doubles play.

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