Girls Tennis DVC Championship 10.08.22

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Let’s get our excitement on for the girls DVC tennis championship at Naperville Central. Neuqua Valley comes after a undefeated regular season as the cats along with everyone else is looking for strong performances with postseason around the corner. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

2 Doubles Third Place Match

We begin with the third place match of the two doubles as Waubonsie’s Talya Ertas and Sriya Kota take on North’s Hasini Peddu amd Isha Elandassery. The two squads show off their aggressive serves and it’s the Husky bunch getting the advantage. Although Ertas and Kota want to show that they can hang with the top dogs. A nice rally is taking place on the court that results in the two in orange unable to make the return and the point goes to the Warriors. This was a very intense two sets for Peddu and Elandassery but they both do enough to win it 6-2 and 7-6 and take the third place spot in two doubles.

1 Doubles Third Place Match

Now let’s go to the third place match of one doubles featuring Metea’s Sophia Cahue and Sarina Saleem taking on Naperville Central’s Giana Xiao and Mira Patel. It’s Cahue on the serve that sets up the action. The Redhawks try to keep it going but Xiao’s return chance hits the net giving Metea the point. Next time around it’s Central getting some breathing room and this time it’s MV that can’t return it over and the award goes to Central. Metea wins the first set 7-6 and want to put it away quickly in set number two and they do with a 6-2 win. Cahue and Saleem take third place in one doubles.

1 Singles Third Place Match

Singles time starting with the one singles third place match. Naperville North’s Aanika Parekh takes on Neuqua’s Sophia Chiou after both came off tough semi final losses. In a nice back and forth go around and Chiou gets awarded the effort after Parekh hits it over the line. Although Parekh knows it’s a long match so she’ll hit her ball in the right spots, and patiently wait for an opportunity to come. After the send over Chiou can’t get it back and Parekh takes the advantage. It was not an easy three sets for Parekh as she bounced back after a 6-3 loss with 6-4 and 7-6 wins and finish in third place. Central’s Sophia Olaru wins the one singles championship.

1 Doubles Championship

Last but not least is the one doubles championships between Naperville North’s Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee against Neuqua’s Hannah Kestenberg and Emily Chiou. The Husky pair won the earlier matchup in the regular season and they are off to a great start after Coffman delivers the heat. It was all business for Lee and Coffman as they win in straight sets 6-0 6-0, and that helps Naperville capture the DVC title ahead and Neuqua Valley and Naperville Central.

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