Girls Tennis Metea Valley vs Waubonsie Valley 09.09.21

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Metea Valley girls tennis heads to Waubonsie Valley to face the Warriors where the Mustangs come up with a close win in 7 matches. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

It’s time for some DVC tennis as Metea Valley girls tennis heads down Eola Road to take on the Warriors of Waubonsie Valley.

One Doubles

We start off down the court with number 1 doubles as Metea’s Alisha Arya and Harsha Garigasani take on the twins of Waubonsie Valley in Annika and Isha Srinivasan as the Warriors’ duo takes set 1, 6-3.

Mustangs trying to stay in the match. Arya serves and WV can’t return the ball giving Metea the ace and the point.

Match point now for the twins as Annika serves and gets an ace of her own giving them the two set win by scores of 6-3, 6-3.

Two Singles

Back to the action now as we visit number 2 singles as Waubonsie’s Richa Kapoor takes on Metea’s Serena Saleem who picks up the point here giving her the 6-2 set win.

Kapoor starts the second set strong though as she returns the serve perfectly giving her the point.

Despite the effort from Kapoor, Saleem would prove to be too strong and she finishes off the match with a 2 set victory. Scores were 6-2, 6-2.

One Singles

Onto our last match of the night in number 1 singles as Mustang Sangita Siva takes on WV’s Talya Eras and the Warrior starts this one off strong after a long rally.

This set would be the longest set of the night as we have another back and forth rally that eventually ends when Siva finds the back corner giving her the 7-5 set one victory.

Sticking with the long rally theme is how we end the night as this one is decided when Eras can’t return the ball giving Siva the 6-1 win in set 2. In the end, Metea would come out on top in the overall scores by winning 4 out of 7 matches.

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