Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Metea Valley 09.22.22

September 23, 2022
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Naperville North girls tennis takes on Metea Valley in DVC action where the Huskies get the victory over the Mustangs. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The Naperville North Huskies take a short road trip to Aurora as they take on the Metea Valley Mustangs in DVC conference tennis action. With the regular season close to wrapping up, both sides will be looking to finish strong with the DVC Tournament two weeks away.

One Doubles

Up first, we have one doubles with Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee. Lee is serving for the Huskies and volleys back and forth against Sarina Saleem and Sophia Cahue for the Mustangs. Lee crushes this ball with a powerful return to get the point.

It’s Coffman’s turn to serve and Saleem puts in some strong backhand shots to keep the Mustangs in this one. Although, Lee with a quick forehand and Cahue’s shot hits the net. Coffman and Lee take both sets 6-1, 6-1.

Two Singles

To number two singles where we have Aanika Parekh for Naperville North girls tennis battling Avril Cavillo from Metea Valley. Parekh gets a great shot near the baseline to get the point.

Next, Parekh is serving towards Cavillo and they go back and forth for a bit, but Cavillo’s next shot goes into the net. Parekh takes the two-set win 6-4, 6-2.

One Singles

We have another good one here in the one singles match with Mustang Sangita Siva taking on Naperville North’s Aaryana Parekh. The two battle it out for awhile, but Parekh smashes this ball out of Siva’s reach to get the point.

Next, Parekh serving and Siva resonds with a nice chip shot. Parekh gets a shot just over the net, but Siva is able to get to it. Parekh sends her shot out of bounds and Siva takes set 1 6-3.

Parekh fights hard in the second set to stay in it as they go back and forth. She’s able to get a point on this play, but in the end, Siva emerges victorious winning the second set 6-2 to take the match.

Two Doubles

A great matchup in two doubles with Naperville North’s Isha Elandassery and Hasini Peddu taking on Alisha Arya and Harsha Gangasani of Metea Valley. Elandassery gets a good shot on this one towards the baseline and the Huskies take the point to take the first set 6-1.

Next, Peddu with the serve and Gangasani gets to it, but Elandassery jumps to get a low shot towards the net. Arya responds with a powerful return that lands for the point to give the Mustangs a 7-6 set two win.

After two sets, we go to the third and it’s a good one with both sides going back and forth. Peddu gets a good shot, but Gangasani gets to it before Elandassery crushes the ball towards the baseline to win it for the Huskies 8-6 in the final set in the last match of the evening. Naperville North takes the victory over Metea 6-1.

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