Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Naperville Central 09.16.21

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Naperville North girls tennis takes on Naperville Central in a crosstown rivalry where the Huskies win decisively over the Redhawks. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Always an exciting matchup when crosstown rivals Naperville North girls tennis and Naperville Central meet on the tennis courts. We begin with number two doubles as Huskies Callie Genovese and Tiffany Cheng face Redhawks Ami Patel and Kira Yang.

Two Doubles

After North comfortably wins the first set, Cheng serves for North in the near court and goes back and forth with both Patel and Yang. But she strays close to the net and Yang puts a strong backhand right between her opponents for the Redhawk point.

Patel serving now as Cheng returns. Genovese then gets close to the net and works the back line, eventually getting the point. North holds off Central 6-1, 7-6.

One Doubles

Now over to one doubles where a pair of freshman have been dominating for the Huskies. Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee taking on Giana Xiao and Mira Patel from Central.

The Redhawks feeling good early on, forcing the error for the point on Patel’s serve.

But the Huskies continue their impressive roll. After a return from Coffman, Lee uses a soft touch to deaden the ball and get the point. North takes one singles in straight sets 6-0, 6-0.

Four Doubles

After Huskie twins Simran and Anaya Desai won number three doubles. Another set of twins in blue and orange, Keya and Kinjal Trivedi look to make it a doubles sweep in the four spot. Hanna An and Rachel Soon standing in the way for the red and white.

Keya Trivedi serving in the near court and we see some lobs back and forth until Kinjal steps in at the net for the smash. North takes the first set 6-3.

After Central wins the second set 6-4, the teams move courts and continue the back and forth match. After the Huskies take a 4-3 lead, Soon and An catch fire and win three consecutive games. The Redhawks win with a smash in three sets.

One Singles

On to singles play as Naperville Central freshman Sofia Olaru looks to bounce back after a tough loss at Neuqua a week ago. Huskie sophomore Aaryana Parekh in the top spot for North.

This point essentially sums up the match as a whole. Parekh with some good returns and makes Olaru work for everything. But the power from the young Redhawk is too much to handle. Olaru takes this one in two sets 6-0, 6-2.

Two Singles

Wrapping up the day with two singles as Dheera Prattipati from North takes on Naperville Central senior Nathra Ramrajvel.

The Redhawk serving in the far court and she gets her opponent guessing wrong with a crosscourt forehand. Well played for the point.

After Prattipati wins the first set 6-3, she does a good job moving around the court, getting to each ball. Eventually she forces Ramrajvel to a return that sails too far. The Huskie takes two singles 6-3, 6-4 as Naperville North wins the crosstown meet 5 matches to 2.

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