Girls Volleyball Waubonsie Valley vs. Metea Valley 03.18.21

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After falling in straight sets to Naperville Central, Waubonsie Valley continues its road trip taking Eola Road girls volleyball rival Metea Valley. The Mustangs are playing their first home contest and are also coming on opening night loss to Dekalb.

Set One

First set tied at 6 and Abby Jue and Sam Rueda throw a Mustang block party. Point goes to Metea Valley who take the lead.

15-13 Black and Gold and we get a little rally as the Mustangs reset and and Keira Jannisch spikes that ball to the open floor. 16-13 Metea after the kill.

After another Jannisch kill it’s Waubonsie’s turn. Sophomore Ashlyn Hickey is set up by Bhavneet Grover and gets the kill to go. 17-14 Mustangs.

22-20 Mustangs and Skyler Raygoza says hello there as she comes right into your picture getting the kill and a 3-point lead for Metea Valley 23-20.

Set point Metea and here is Raygoza again running up to the ball and gets the kill. Mustangs take the first set 25-21.

Set Two

Set two and the Mustangs are trailing 4-1 but here is Jannisch again. Her first kill attempt is denied she sticks with it and the second time is the charm. Metea down 4-2.

Warriors up 11-7 and here is another rally. Each team with a chance to reset, a great play by Leah Tubbs to keep the ball off the ground. She is then able to set up Hickey again hitting the ball to the perfect spot for the kill. 12-7 WV.

It’s not just Hickey having fun but another here is sophomore Lexi Barbier who just underhand taps the ball and softly falls to the ground for the point. Warriors are pulling away 21-12.

Set point Waubonsie as the Mustangs are doing what they can to stay alive, but Zoe Jannisch’s kill attempt has too much hot sauce. Warriors take the second set, let’s head to the tie breaker.

Set Three

Third set and back and forth the teams go, who wants the point? Warriors spread out and here is Keira Jannisch again hitting it to the right spot at the right time. She leads the Mustangs with nine kills 8-3 Metea.

The rallies are a theme tonight for both teams as Hickey and the Warriors are trying to keep the second set momentum going. She also has nine kills on the night as WV trails 12-8.

However that is as close the Warriors would get. The Mustangs close things out on a 13-3 run as Raygoza gets another kill to seal the deal. Metea wins the match in three sets getting win number one on the season over Waubonsie Valley girls volleyball.

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