Hinsdale South Girls Bowling Sectional 2.15.20

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It’s time for the Hinsdale South Girls Bowling Sectional… but before we get there we begin our journey at Echo Lanes in Morris with Neuqua’s lone individual Alyssa Votava competing for a chance at state.

Plainfield North Sectional

The Wildcat would get a strike in her sixth game, which would be her best game in the series, rolling a 200. The senior would finish with a 1069 score and 27th overall.

Hinsdale South Sectional

Noooow we move over to the Bowlero in Woodridge for the Hinsdale South sectional with Metea Valley competing as a team and Shannon Kosorig is also here as in individual from Naperville North!

4th Game

We pick things up in the afternoon session after the mustangs rolled a 2665 in the AM. Alicia Anton gets things moving in the right direction with a turkey in game 4.

Her teammate Liz Mansmith following in her footsteps… she also knocks down three strikes in a row to get the afternoon session off on to a strong start.

5th Game

Fifth game of action and Bella Kilbourne joins in on the fun, second strike in a row for her… cue the black and gold chant.

Naperville North’s Shannon Kosorig competing with other individuals. She gets the spare pickup in the fifth game. Her second game would be her highest with a 194 score. The huskie would finish with a 1031 series score, 24th in the standings.

Meredith Olef with some concentration in the fifth game… it works for her as she gets her second strike to hit.

Bella Kilbourne really turning it on in the afternoon session. This is her fourth strike in a row… a hambone as they call it. She would be the second best bowler for metea with a 1063 series score.

Tenth frame of the fifth game… Alicia Anton going for the strike for another chance.. and she gets it.. she can’t believe it.. the mustangs are really moving.

6th Game

Sydney Lewis joins in on the fun in the 6th game. First time throwing a ball afternoon… and she gets a strike… not a bad way to start.

Sectional hosts Hinsdale South sitting in third at the beginning of the afternoon session… strikes like these keep them in the hunt to go to state as a team.

You can’t see the other pin but Alyssa Rabione going for the split spare pickup in the 6th game… and by her excitement, you can tell she gets it. Rabione ends with a 1016 series score.

Meredith Olef bowling her last frame of the last game… and what do you know another strike.

Best mustang bowler of the day would be Alicia Anton as she knocks down another strike helping her to a 1120 series score… After coming in to the afternoon session in fourth place in the team standings, Metea Valley moves up to finish third, which means they are going to state for the first time since 2014.

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