Laurynas Kanopka Switches Hands Mid-Air, A La MJ

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Laurynas Kanopka doesn’t allow the intense setting faze him, as he switches hands in mid-air to nab a critical point against Neuqua.

We hit the hardwood with Metea Valley boys volleyball and this is great – Laurynas Kanopka goes all Michael Jordan on Neuqua, switching hands mid air and nabbing the point. The impressive hand eye coordination helps the Mustangs outlast the Wildcats and earns Laurynas Kanopka the NSW Boy’s Play of the Week, presented by Trunnell Insurance.

Metea Valley and Neuqua Valley match up on the hardwood in a contest that always has a high level of intensity. While the Mustangs held off the Wildcats in the first set, 31-29, Metea still have to grind out a two set win.

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