Marian Catholic vs. Benet Academy Football 9.28.19

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Marian invading Benedictine University’s stadium sitting 3-1, while the host school, Benet Academy is 4-0 and also enjoying homecoming – albeit in some dreary weather.

First Quarter

Three minutes into the game and the Spartans already punting, and they forget to account for John Paul Lawler… he comes in untouched to block the attempt.

Very next play and the Redwings dial up a play action fake from inside the 10 yard line. Colin Gillespie heaves it to Jacob Snell and that opens up the scoring.

Second Spartan possession, quarterback Kevin Johnson looking for the outroute – except, Nick Bafia undercuts it and somehow corrals the pick. Seems like even he’s surprised.

Looking to turn the pick into points, Gillespie rifles the ball down the seam to Jonathan Martin – Redwings inside the 10.

7 minutes to go in the first quarter, Gillespie flushed from the pocket, he rolls right, scans and finds Augie Mazza in the back corner of the endzone. Benet leads 14-0.

Marian trying to get some positive momentum on their third drive… but Jacob Snell making that difficult. The screen pass isn’t going anywhere and the Spartans punt again.

Looking to crack the game open, Benet back to work. Read option foes to Lucas Kosiba, he comes alllll the way around the bend, then slices upfield and cuts through the Marian defense. 21-0 Benet,

Second Quarter

2nd quarter now but they’re not done. How about this throw from Gillespie to Martin… once again down the seam, splitting the safeties.

Few plays later and Benet will hand the rock off to John Walsh and let him do the rest. He finds a cut-back lane into pay-dirt. 28-0 BA.

Best field position of the first half for Marian, Johnson rocking back and looking over the middle – but his pass only finds the hands of Marty Garvin. Second turnover of the half.

Sean Torres in the game at running back, but he splits out into the flat… and that’s where Gillespie finds him for the touchdown. Benet leads 35-0 going into the half.

Marian would score 15 in the second half, but it’s not nearly enough – Redwings win 38-15, now 5-0.