Metea Valley badminton beats Naperville North to finish second in the DVC

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Metea badminton travels to Naperville North High School for the final DVC badminton matchup of the regular season. The Huskies take on the Metea Valley Mustangs as both teams get to test themselves one more time with the DVC tournament and postseason play just days away. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Metea Valley badminton and Naperville North keep it close in doubles play

Let’s start with the two doubles with North’s Kelly Hu and Rakshita Ruperal against Riya Alwala and Vamshika Bejwar of Metea Valley. Both teams are going at it here as the Huskies look to maintain their lead. Bejwar goes backhand but Ruperal knocks this birdie down and North takes set one 21-9.

On to set two as both teams go back and forth here. Alwala sends this over the net but Hu buries this one for the Huskies to seal the win in two sets.

Next up is the one-doubles matchup featuring Naperville North’s Kotryna Petrekyte and Abby Wang facing Sri Battula and Devangi Kohli for the black and gold.

The Mustangs get us started here and get things rolling as Battula smashes this one pass Petrekyte and Metea takes the first set 21-10.

The Huskies put up a strong performance in set two as Wang and Battula go at it. Wang would score the point for North to keep her team in this close set.

Petrekyte serves this up as Kohli sends it back. Wang crushes this one as it deflects off Battula’s racket and goes out. The Huskies take set two 22-20 and we go to the third set.

It was another close battle between these two sides but Kohli knocks this birdie down to win the final set 21-16 for Metea.

Hu wins but Metea badminton edges past the Huskies in singles

We move on to the two-singles matchup with North’s Rakshita Ruperal taking on Metea’s Pragya Iyer.

These two go back and forth here between Ruperal and Iyer. However, Iyer is able to smash this one down the corner to take the first set for the Mustangs.

In the second set Iyer delivers another strong showing on the court to get a point for Metea. Ruperal would have to withdraw from the match due to injury and forfeit the remaining set with the score 6-2 for the Mustangs.

Next up is the one-singles matchup between Huskie Kelly Hu against Mustang Sri Battula. Hu puts in a strong start here with this birdie across the court to earn a point.

She does it again as Battula hits this birdie out and Hu wins both sets to add to the Huskies team total for the day.

Bejwar hangs on for the win for Metea

Now we go to the final matchup of the day between Metea’s Vamshika Bejwar and North’s Kotryna Petrekyte. The two go back and forth and Bejwar gets the point for the Mustangs as this birdie just goes over Petrekyte.

Petrekyte bounces back in the second set as we’re now in the third and final set. Petrekyte goes backhand but Bejwar smashes the birdie down to wrap it up. She takes the third set for the win and Metea Valley badminton comes out on top with a score of 12-3 over Naperville North.

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