Metea Valley badminton pulls away from rival Waubonsie Valley

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Metea Valley badminton puts on a decisive performance in a home victory over its DVC rival Waubonsie Valley. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The conference badminton season is here and Waubonsie Valley, led by new head coach Bill Carson, travels to Metea Valley. The Warriors fell to Naperville Central in a competitive matchup earlier in the week while the Mustangs took down DeKalb to begin DVC play.

Waubonsie Valley takes early win in three doubles

Doubles always kicks things off so we begin with the number threes. Tanmayi Sharat and Vamshika Bejawar from Metea Valley face Tisha Dubey and Sam Narchetty from Waubonsie.

It’s a fast paced, high powered rally with all players involved here in the first set. Bejawar eventually is able to get the point for the Mustangs.

However, the Warriors are able to come back and narrowly take the win in two sets, 21-15, 22-20.

Now over to number two doubles where Dhivija Challa and Harshita Baskaran step in for the Warriors against Riya Alwala and Devangi Kohli for the Mustangs.

Baskaran serving in the far court before Challa and Alwala go back and forth until the Warriors get the point that just drops over the net.

Waubonsie looks to stay alive. After Kohli has the initial return, Alwala is able to keep her shot in play for the point. Metea takes the two doubles win 21-19, 21-7.

The Mustangs look strong at one doubles

We wrap up the doubles portion with the top duos. Anjana Viswanathan and Sri Battula, both State qualifiers in 2022, are pairing up for Metea against Norah George and Ghanth Kanagasabapathi.

Early in the match, Kanagasabapathi catches Metea a little off guard with the flip over the net for the point.

Battula qualified for State in singles a year ago while Viswanathan made it in doubles but the chemistry has formed quickly for the upperclassmen.

The Mustangs show off the power and pull away for a two set win, 21-10, 21-11 to take the lead in the team scoring.

Metea Valley continues its success on the singles side

The singles round features Norah George from Waubonsie Valley against Sri Battula, competing in the number two spot.

A well placed shot from George near the back line has her opponent caught in no-man’s land as the birdie drops for the point.

George serving in the second set now. An exchange of volleys pass over the net until Battula unveils the drop shot that falls for the point. The Mustang takes the win 21-9, 21-10.

Waubonsie Valley freshman makes a great first impression

We wrap up with the top singles players as once again Anjana Viswanathan is competing as the number one while Waubonise Valley turns to freshman Tisha Dubey as their top singles player.

Just like she did in one doubles, Viswanathan shows off the power and accuracy in the early going with a smash on the line for the point.

For the second straight season, the Warriors have a standout freshman ready to step into the spotlight. Although Carissa Chen transferred to IMSA for her sophomore season, Dubey shows that she is more than ready to handle the one singles role. Dubey goes on a big run in the second set to pull away for the victory. Despite the win in one singles, Metea Valley sweeps the rest of the singles matches and takes the overall team victory by the score of 13-2.

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