Metea Valley girls bowling takes down Naperville North on Senior Night

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We’re at Fox Bowl in Wheaton for a matchup between Naperville North girls bowling and Metea Valley. Both teams call Fox Bowl home, but it’s the Mustangs who host this matchup on senior night. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Both teams exchange strikes in game one

The day starts with Mustang Grace Parli, bending one inches from the gutter towards the middle for a strike. Parli would go on to score a 456 on the series.

Naperville North’s Carly Bajusz rolls down the middle and gets an excellent strike. Bajusz scores 115 for the first game and a score of 312 on the series overall.

The Huskies continue on with Michelle Baek who knocks down nine pins. She gets the spare and goes on to score a 371 on the series.

Mustang Mya Moore records the best overall series

Up next is Mya Moore who rolls in a double for the Mustangs. Mya would go on to score 173 in game one and lead the Mustangs with an overall series score of 515.

Back to the Mustangs with Cosette Cannell as she rolls in a strike of her own. Cannell would go on to score 137 in game two and 389 in the series.

Up next is senior Moriah Greenwood from Metea Valley as she rolls in a strike for the Mustangs. Greenwood ends the day with an overall series score of 475.

More strikes come, and that’ll be from Mustang Jade Williams, who rolls in a double. Williams scores 201 for game two and 509 for the overall series.

The Huskies keep on rolling as Ellie Child rolls in a strike. Ellie would go on to score a 387 for the overall series.

Metea Valley’s Shannon Lynch manages to get a strike of her own here in route to a 355 for the overall series.

Later on, Naperville North’s Felicia Openshaw sends one near the gutter. However, the ball rolls back to knock down all the pins. She scores 333 for the overall series.

Naperville North wraps up the day with more strikes as Lois Baek can get one herself. Baek would go on to score 356 for the overall series.

Metea Valley girls bowling outpaces Naperville North

However, the Mustangs would go on to win the matchup by almost 600 pins (2,367 – 1,768) pins and finish with a team score of 2,367.

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