Metea Valley vs Waubonsie Valley Girls Tennis 10.3.19

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Senior night at Waubonsie Valley means it’s time to pop the sparkling cider! The Mustangs of Metea are ready to end the DVC regular season against their Eola road rivals.

#3 Singles

Number three singles pairs Mayling Alonso from Metea against Shred Tirukovalluru of Waubonsie.

Alonso serving in the near court, the Waubonsie senior with a couple of strong returns, but Alonso uses the lob shot to force her opponent further back throughout the rally. Eventually the return from Shred hits the net as the point goes to Alonso.

In he 2nd set, Tirukovalluru serving and forces the error. She picks up the two set win on senior day 6-4, 6-4 in a close match.

#3 Doubles

Number three doubles puts Emma Teo and Kriti Pomal against Kylie Mateer and Angela Wellman.

In the first set, it’s all Warriors as a smash at the net secures a 6-3 opening set win.

Set number two, the Mustangs battle back as the Warriors serve in the far court, Pomal returns for Metea before Teo uses the quick reaction to get the point. MV takes set two and forces a third set.

Set three goes into a tie breaker, which means first team to seven points and you must win by two. Mustangs with match point up 6-4 and the Warriors can’t get enough on the return shot. It’s a three set win for Metea.

#1 Doubles

On to one doubles, this match did not need three sets as Taylor Goldman and Isabella Palm take care of Carrington Patterson and Rubiah Sami 6-1, 6-1 after a pefect ace from Palm. Mustangs sweep the four doubles matches.

#1 Singles

On to number one singles where Meera Baid faces Waubonsie senior Angelica Alvarez.

Alvarez serves in the far court, she makes a couple of strong returns to keep the rally alive, but Baid digs out a brilliant cross court backhand to secure the first set 6-2.

2nd set Alvarez back with the serve, a lot of power from her shots and it forces Baid into a return the goes long, giving the point to the Warrior senior.

However Baid continues to ride her strong backhand to victory, no chance for Alvarez to return this one as Baid wins in straight sets 6-2, 6-2.

#2 Singles

Number two singles features a very competitive matchup between Waubonsie Valley senior Kayla Hess and Feina Niu from Metea Valley.

The left Niu serves in the near court and a couple of great shots force Hess into the back corner, Niu goes back to the spot again catching Hess off guard for the point.

Another serve for Niu, this volley goes back and forth with neither player able to gain an edge, finally Hess puts a return just inside the right corner and Niu can’t quite get there in time. Hess takes the first set 6-2.

Hess serving in the near court now, a strong serve and a couple of nice returns from strong shots by Niu keeps Hess alive until the Mustang finds the net. Hess ends her final home dual meet with a win while Metea Valley takes the team victory 5-2. The DVC tournament begins next week at Waubonsie Valley.

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