Naperville North badminton takes down Naperville Central in crosstown DVC battle

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We’re at Naperville Central High School for a crosstown badminton matchup as the Redhawks of Naperville Central faceoff against the Huskies of Naperville North.  This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central starts off strong with a doubles win

Starting with one doubles is Megan Moreno and Zoey Tian from Central against Kelly Hu and Rakshita Ruperal from North. Both teams come out swinging as Tian takes the first return before Moreno sends the birdie to Huskie territory to score a point following a pair of crafty backhand returns.

This match goes into the second set as Moreno delivers the final blow working near the back throughout the point and seals the deal to win two straight sets.

Up next is Redhawks Hannah Chu and Nicole Liang against Naperville North’s Kotryna Petreikyte and Cherise Lee for the two doubles matchup.

Nicole Liang sends the birdie flying to get the match started on the right foot for Central. Later on Cherise Lee sends back a return as it deflects off Chu’s racket and scoring a point for the Huskies.

This matchup goes down to the wire and needs all three sets to decide the winner. Unfortunately for the Redhawks, Naperville North is able to pull away late as Petreikyte finds the open floor for a key point. The Huskies take the win in three sets.

Naperville North shows a strength in singles

We move on to number one singles with Huskie Kelly Hu and Redhawk Zoey Tian after these two squared off in one doubles earlier in the match.

Both players go back and forth with a strong volley until Tian deftly flipping birdie over the net to score a point. However Hu overpowers the Redhawk by sending the birdie right next to Tian. Hu goes on to win two straight sets.

Up next is two singles with Huskie Rakshita Ruperal and Redhawk Megan Moreno in another one doubles rematch.

Moreno comes out with a strong start by smashing the birdie across the court and earning a point. However, Ruperal seizes control of the match and the sophomore goes on a run to win in three sets to add to the Huskie team total.

The Huskies close things out for a team victory

We wrap things up with Redhawk Hannah Chu and Huskie Kotryna Petreikyte in three singles. Petreikyte serves as Chu sends the birdie flying from long distance just out of the reach of her opponent for a Redhawk point. In the end, it is Petreikyte who controls sets one and two throughout with her consistent play. Naperville North badminton comes out on top with a score of 13-2 over Naperville Central.

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