Naperville Central boys volleyball pulls ahead for straight set victory over Naperville North

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The Crosstown Classic rivalry hits the volleyball court as 4-12 Naperville Central boys volleyball play host to the 3-15 Naperville North Huskies. North looks to snap its three-match losing streak while the Redhawks, on the other hand, are on a three-match winning streak. The Huskies won both matchups last season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central boys volleyball looks strong to close the first set

Naperville Central looks to build on a 3-1 lead. Aayush Ghorad tries to tip this over the net but Kieran Neill digs one perfectly out and down for the point!

Neill is now up to serve for the blue and orange as the Redhawks look to respond. Ghorad (go-rad) sets up Zach Hurd and he puts some power into the spike. Central extends their lead by two.

The Huskies storm back in the first set. Isaac Merz goes for the spike, but it goes out of bounds and North trails 9-8.

Henry Allman serves this up for Central as they push to get some breathing room in this close match. Merz sets up Ghorad and he smashes this one to extend the Redhawks lead by three.

Central’s up six as we get close to set point. Ghorad this time sets up Merz and he tips it over the net and in. Central takes the first set 25-17.

Naperville North boys volleyball takes an early lead in the second set

Central’s offense is rolling into the second set as they lead 3-0. Ghorad spikes it past the blockers to extend the Redhawks lead.

The Huskies once again rally after an early deficit. Nolan Ewanic dives to keep it alive as Hurd sends it over. Ermuun Batchuluun sets up Adam Hartung and places it over two defenders for the point as North trails 7-6.

We are tied at eight as Central looks to retake the lead, but Hurd sends it out of bounds and the Huskies take their first lead of the night, 9-8 in the second set.

North is up 14-12 as they push to extend their lead. Hartung rips this shot past Jimmy Dalton as the Huskies go up by three.

We have a tie game now at 15 apiece as Logan McGrath sets up Hurd who spikes it down with power. Central back in front, 16-15.

North serves it over and Merz tips it up for Ghorad who goes backhand to knock it down for the point. Central go up by two.

Close second set but the Redhawks find a way to get past the Huskies

The Redhawks are feeling it as they look to keep that offensive firepower going. Ryder Erdmann crushes it to put Central within one for the match point.

Ghorad sets up Merz and he slams it as the ball bounces out off of the blockers. The Redhawks win the second set 25-19, taking down Naperville North in two sets for their first conference victory.

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