Naperville North and Waubonsie boys volleyball play three sets

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Naperville North and Waubonsie boys volleyball meet up in a DVC matchup. Following a win against Joliet Catholic, the Huskies look to make it two in a row. The Warriors are 3-0 in DVC play this season and were victorious in both matchups against Naperville North last season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Waubonsie volleyball takes a tight first set

Early in the first set, Waubonsie has a 9-7 lead. Here is Dhruvesh Parthiban with the set to Petar Ivanov and his shot is tipped out of play.  The Warriors go up 10-7.

Later on, Waubonsie sets up Christopher Johnson for the attack, but Nicholas Patt is there for the big-time block. North cuts the lead to 15-14.

The Warriors still lead late in the set. They control the Ermuun Batchuluum serve and work the ball around to Rohan Ambavaram and he hammers it home. That one gives Waubonsie a 22-19 lead, they would go on to win the first set 25-22.

Naperville North volleyball climbs past Waubonsie in the second

Moving on to the second set. The Warriors once again handle the Huskies’ serve and set up Ambavaram and he comes through once more. His emphatic kill gives Waubonsie Valley a 10-9 lead.

Later in the set, the Warriors set up another attack but Adam Hartung is there to send it right back. With that block, Naperville North takes a 20-15 lead.

Moments later, Patt is serving with set point. His ball bounces off a Warriors defender out of play and Naperville North takes the second set 25-17.

Adam Hartung and Naperville North boys volleyball get past Waubonsie in the third set

Moving on to the final set, Naperville North jumps out to an 18-14 advantage. And here is Grand Anderson rising up and delivering a powerful shot that has no chance of being returned. The Huskies are fired up as they now possess a 19-14 lead.

Not long after that, the Huskies set up Nicholas Sherrow for the kill and his off-speed shot takes the Warriors by surprise as it drops in the gap. North is now up 23-18.

The Huskies now have match-point. They work it to Hartung for the attack, but Johnson rises up and blocks it right back. The Warriors stay alive, down 24-22.

Now we have Ivanov serving for Waubonsie. Kieran Neill gets the dig and the Huskies set up Hartung for the kill again but it’s sent right back. The ball is still alive and Hartung gets another chance and this time the Warriors are unable to return it. That one seals the deal, Naperville North wins the set 25-23, giving them their first victory in the DVC.

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