Naperville North gymnastics finishes in third place at the Oswego Co-Op regional

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We are at Oswego for gymnastics regional. Naperville North gymnastics is in attendance along with the Oswego Co-Op, Geneseo, and Oak Park River Forest. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville North’s Sam Connolly qualifies for sectionals on the vault

Kicking things off on the vault with OPRF’s Violet Ruff. She comes down the runway performing a back handspring into a back tuck. That gets her a third-place score of 8.8.

Next up on the vault is Naperville North’s Sam Connolly. She does a front handspring half getting a score of 8.65 and a fourth-place finish, qualifying her for sectionals on the vault.

The best vaulter on the night is Oswego’s, Sam Phillip. She does front handspring half into a back pike giving her an impressive first-place score of 9.45.

Sam Phillip wins her second event in a row on the uneven bars for Oswego

Moving on over to the uneven bars with Naperville North’s Erin Arnold who has a strong transition to the top bar. She sticks the landing for a fifth-place score of 7.95 qualifying her for sectionals on the bars.

We visit Oswego’s Sam Phillip again on the uneven bars. She starts on the top bar making her way down to the bottom one. Her dismount is even better with a double back tuck giving her first-place and a score of 8.8.

Oswego’s Ava Sullivan impresses the judges on the balance beam getting a 9.6

Time to test out the gymnast’s balance on the balance beam. Oswego’s Ava Sullivan is up on the beam as she impresses early on. Her finish was just as good as she sticks the landing for an insane top score of 9.6.

Sullivan impresses again on the floor exercise helping the Oswego Co-Op to a regional victory

Finishing the night on the floor. Naperville North’s Erin Arnold is up as her first pass she does a jumping twist into a summersault. Later on, she performs a back handspring into a twist. Her performance gives her sixth place and an at-large bid for sectionals.

We end the night with Oswego’s Ava Sullivan on the floor. Her first pass includes a twist and a front pike. The last pass includes a backhand spring into a twist and front tuck. She gets another impressive score of 9.5 winning her second event in a row.

The Oswego Co-Op would come out on top with a score of 138.65. OPRF finishes second and Naperville North gymnastics finishes third followed by Geneseo.

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