Neuqua Valley Girls basketball cruises past Naperville Central for a DVC win

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Neuqua Valley girls basketball hosts round two of a DVC matchup against Naperville Central.  This time at Neuqua as the Wildcats look to sweep the Redhawks on the series season.  The first match saw Neuqua win 65-47, and the Redhawks look to strike back, snapping a two-game losing streak.  This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley opens the game on fire thanks to key players

We pick things up with the Wildcats up 6-3 early, as Zoe Navarro finds Nalia Clifford, who chucks it over to Kylee Norkus all alone for the easy layup to put Neuqua up 8-3.

On the next possession, the Redhawks look to throw the ball in but Quinn Sigal tips it away.  The ball finds its way to Clifford who passes it to Navarro for another quick strike to put Neuqua up 10-3.

The Wildcats are now looking to get the long-range game going, as Caitlin Washington passes it to Norkus who has plenty of time to flush in a perfect 3 ball.  The Wildcats now go up 17-3.

Neuqua would continue this a few possessions later.  Up now 19-5 its roles reversed as Norkus now passes it over to Washington and from the same area on the court she buries in the long 3.  Neuqua now goes up 22-5.

Washington would provide some action on defense.  The RedHawks looking to get some offense going, but Washington acted like an NFL defender reading the pass and taking it herself back for the layup to make it a 26-7 game for the Wildcats.

The Redhawks would struggle on both phases of the ball including on defense as Clifford takes the throw in from Washington and buries another 3 to make it 29-9 Neuqua.  They would lead 31-9 after the first quarter.

Naperville Central looks to get the offense working

Washington would be a game-wrecker all night long.  Here she intercepts another Central pass and takes it back for another lay-up seconds into the second quarter to make it 33-9 Neuqua.

The Redhawks would try to get some offense going as Annabelle Kritzer pump fakes the Neuqua defender and buries in a mid-range shot to make it 33-11 on the next possession.

Later it’s Kritzer providing the ammunition as she passes it to Adriana Villanova who just gets in the layup to generate some more offense for the Redhawks.

Kylee Norkus helps Neuqua Valley girls basketball pick up DVC win number six

However, Neuqua would put the game away from there as Norkus gets her hands on another 3-point attempt that she once again wouldn’t miss.  She and Washington would combine for over half of Neuqua’s points on the night.

Later, it’s Washington putting the dagger in the heart as she’s all alone on the other side of the court and buries through another three.  The duo of Norkus and Washington is too much for the Redhawks as Neuqua sweeps the series season against Central winning 69-36.

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