Neuqua Valley vs Waubonsie Valley Boys Tennis 4.11.19

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First conference tennis match of the year for Neuqua Valley as the Wildcats travel to Waubonsie Valley.

#4 Singles

Andrew Chen at number four singles for NV facing Lucas Holder for the Warriors.

Holder serving in the near court and his returns force Chen into an error. Point goes to Holder.

Holder still serving, the volley goes back and forth until Andrew Chen places a ball perfectly on the line. Chen takes it 6-1, 6-1 in straight sets.

#1 Singles

Number one singles features a new face for Waubonsie as freshman Elliot Dam takes the place of four year starter Anthony Nguyen. Neuqua has junior Eddie Neuman back in the number one spot.

Neuman serves in the far court, but Dam forces a long return, giving the point for the young Warrior.

Neuman would respond as part of a long volley back and forth between the pair, but in the end, the veteran outlasts his counterpart as Dam’s return is wide.

After taking the first set, Neuman plays close to the net and puts some nice touch on a shot that just stays in play. Neuman wins in straight sets 6-1,6-1.

#2 Doubles

Over to number two doubles with Mike Casey and Anirudh Iyengar for WV and Chris Smith and Tyler Beck for Neuqua.

Casey serving in the second set, he tries to push a powerful forehand through, but Smith is ready and splits the Warriors duo for the point.

Later in the set, Iyengar serves in the far court, Tyler Beck tries to smash home a point but it sails just long as Mike Casey dodges out of the way.

Match point for Neuqua as Iyengar serves, Tyler Beck volleys with Iyengar until Smith deadens a shot into the open space for the point. The Wildcats win 6-1, 6-0 and sweep the meet to start the DVC slate with a win. Defending DVC champ Naperville Central awaits.