Salil Khanduja Nails Long Birdie; Helps Warriors Secure DVC Title

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Waubonsie sophomore Salil Khanduja drills a long birdie in the DVC Championship to land on our Play of the Week! Presented by Trunnell Insurance.

For the Play of the Week, we go to Blackberry Oaks for the Boys Golf DVC Championship where sophomore Salil Khanduja proved he can make any putt from any distance. This one almost from the outside of the green and he powers it in for the birdie. He just makes it look so easy. That play would help propel Waubonsie Valley to winning the DVC title after going just 2-3 in the conference during the season. Khanduja making a big play in the biggest stage.

Khanduja’s previous event

The Boys Golf DVC championship takes place at Blackberry Oaks where Waubonsie Valley takes home the title in a shocker.

We have the Boys Golf DVC championship. Metea Valley looks to capture the championship after winning the DVC regular season championship. All the schools are set for the big event at Blackberry Oaks.

12th Hole

Hole 12 and Waubonsie’s Salil Khanduja is lining up for a long birdie. He puts enough power on that and it goes in. No surprise as he continues to impress as a sophomore.

18th Hole

Hole 18 and Neuqua’s best score comes from Dentzman after sinking this par. The Wildcat goes on to score a 77.

Arjun Vyas also ends his day with a par and he is pumped up after the strong finish. The Mustang’s second best score with an 83.

Naperville North’s best score comes from Jackson Ciganek and he shows some love to our cameraman after finishing with an 85.

Waubonsie’s Kenton Esch has some trees in front, but that’s no problem as his drive lands right onto the dance floor. Esch goes on to par, scoring a 75.

Esch along with Neal Gupta were in a playoff for the best individual score on the day. Gupta chips his ball on to the green but gets knocked out by one stroke.

That one stroke came from none other than Salil Khanduja who absolutely drives this ball to the green and you can guess what he does next. It’s a birdie and that’s how his day ends with a 75 after the playoff.

He’s all hyped up after that hole and he should be because Waubonsie Valley takes home the DVC title after a 2-3 regular season in the conference.

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