Steve Bradshaw getting big opportunities in Fantasy Football

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The 2023 NFL Draft, taking place in Kansas City, Missouri, is right around the corner. Of course every year before the draft is the NFL Combine where college football players perform physical and mental tests in front of NFL coaches, general managers and scouts. Getting the chance to cover the event in person is a great opportunity to see how these special athletes work up close. Neuqua Valley baseball player Steve Bradshaw was able to experience just that this year.

Steve Bradshaw spending time at the NFL Combine

“It was super surreal getting to see all these top college athletes perform there. I got to go interview a bunch of them, work for social media-type stuff, and then watch them on the field compete. The atmosphere was crazy. Just going to see behind the scenes with all these guys you watch on TV is just unreal,” said Steve Bradshaw, pitcher and outfielder for Neuqua Valley baseball.

Writing for Fantasy Football

You might be wondering how he was able to experience such a big event. Well that is because he works as a fantasy football writer for multiple fantasy sports websites when he’s not putting in work in the classroom and on the field. He currently works for both and Faceoff Sports Network.

“So I’ve really just been a big fan of fantasy football for many years now, but this past year, I just kind of expanded into reading some more articles and I was like, ‘That’s something I can do.’ Just started doing it and yeah, it’s taken off from there,” said Bradshaw.

Balancing writing, baseball, and classwork

For Bradshaw, there are obviously going to be obstacles when his schedule is filled with school, baseball, and his job. However, he is able to make it work because of how much he loves fantasy football.

“It’s a grind, I’m going to be honest, but you got to put in that time. I really just have to make a schedule, which isn’t something I was used to before, but I have school, baseball, and then once I get home, it’s kind of just relax for a little bit, then put that work in, and have fun. But really it’s a passion so it’s not too much of a grind at the end of the day,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw looks to continue this passion as a career and is confident he will reach greater heights down the line.

“I’ve done some regular NFL pieces as well. I’ve done some video content creation as well. So I just want to be more involved with content creation like writing and videos in NFL and Fantasy. So it’s been super cool and I think with these entry level-type jobs I’m getting, I can definitely get some bigger job opportunities at the next level,” said Bradshaw.