Waubonsie Valley boys volleyball sweeps Naperville Central

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Waubonsie Valley boys volleyball hosts a DVC matchup against Naperville Central. Both teams are winless in the DVC, but that will change today and one will walk away with their first conference win. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central volleyball gets the offense cooking early

Central would get things going early on to start.  With the score tied at three, Henry Allman hits a floater that catches the Waubonsie defense off guard.  Central takes the lead early up 4-3.  

Two possessions later now tied at four, the central offense gets rolling early on.  Zach Hurd gets in on the action and smacks this ball down as the Warriors are unable to get it.  Central retakes the lead.

On the next possession, the red hot start for the Redhawks continues.  Aayush Ghorad serves it up for Isaac Merz who super slams it for another kill. Central goes up by two now 6-4.  

Waubonsie Valley volleyball looks to take the first set against Naperville Central

The Warriors, however, would begin to take over.  Sujhan Gopinath goes high on the next possession and slams it down for the Warriors as they close the gap now down 6-5.  

They would take the lead now up 13-8, and continue here, as Gopinath serves it up for Petar Ivanov who slams it down for another kill.  The Warriors now go up six.  

Now up 18-11 the Warriors continue to get in on the killing spree.  Michael Johnson now goes up and the ball tips off the hands of the Central players for the point.  The Warriors extend their lead up 19-11.  

The Warriors’ defense would get in on the act as well.  Merz tries to get the Redhawks back in contention but his kill attempt is blocked by Gopinath as the ball bounces back to the Redhawks side.  The Warriors go up now 22-15.  

Waubonsie would claim set one as the Redhawks are unable to get the ball back over the net as they fall to the Warriors by a score of 25-18.

Waubonsie trails early but AJ Ruffin helps secure the straight-set sweep

In set two the Warriors would continue to remain dominant.  Down 3-4 early on, the ball miraculously goes off the net but stays above the ground.  The Warriors take advantage as AJ Ruffin slams it off the hands of Redhawks defenders as Waubonsie ties game up at 4.  

Ruffin would be vital for Waubonsie in the second set.  On the next possession, he powers this one past the Central defense for the kill as the Warriors take their first lead of the set up 5-4.  

The scoring would continue with Waubonsie now up 15-11. Johnson bounces the ball through the hands of Ryder Erdmann and on to the ground as the Warriors go up by five.  

They would prove their strength around the net as Central looks to get the ball back over but Ruffin quickly counters sending it back to the other side.  Waubonsie reaches the 20-point mark now up 20-12.  

The Warriors would claim the match as Central once again can’t clear the net. Waubonsie wins set two with a 25-16 score and secures their first DVC win of the season.  

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