Alive Center helps teens embrace who they really are

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The Alive Center empowers teens to be resilient and impassioned through a peer mentoring model of free after-school and over-the-summer teen drop-in hours. Alive’s goal is to stop teens from looking for acceptance outside of themselves and instead embrace who they are. The Alive Center encourages teens to focus on their gifts and talents, develop what makes each of them unique, take risks knowing they have support if they fail, and find that critical purpose in life… What makes them come alive? Their promise is that they will always be Teen-Led, Teen-Driven™ to give young people the best chance at discovering themselves, building confidence, and making the world a better place.

What are some of the programs offered at the Alive Center?

Teen Initiate is an innovative Teen-Led Teen-Driven (TLTD) program that provides teens with support and a space to innovate and lead while empowering younger teens and tweens in the process. TLTD programs include:

  • Teen-Led Mentoring
  • Teen-Led Tutoring
  • Teen-Led Clubs
  • Teen-Led Workshops

To find out more about the Alive Center and all its programs and resources please visit The Center’s website.

Spotlight Guests

Grey Bauer, TAB Secretary & Diversity Lead

Alicia Mathew, Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Media Group Lead

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