Choose DuPage brings businesses together

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DuPage County is home to an incredibly diverse group of businesses, each with its own interests. At the same time, these businesses share many goals; for one, they want to be in a healthy community with a thriving economy. Choose DuPage is all about bringing local business and government leaders together to take action and bring these shared goals to life.

Choose DuPage is focused on three primary goals

Founded in 2005, Choose DuPage is the economic development partnership of DuPage County, Illinois. With board members representing a diverse group of businesses and nonprofit organizations from across the region, they work towards three primary goals:

  1. Grow, retain and attract businesses.
  2. Support county-wide economic development initiatives.
  3. Address policy issues critical to the needs of the regional economy.

In practice, Choose DuPage works towards these goals in a variety of ways. The organization provides key services and resources to local businesses; hosts networking events and educational seminars; promotes DuPage County to potential investors through marketing initiatives; educates both the business community and policymakers; and implements strategies designed to create a pro-business environment while promoting equity and sustainability.

In other words, they bring together key community members to ensure that DuPage County continues to be a great place to live and do business today, while preparing the region for the future.

Work in the DuPage business community

A recent example of Choose DuPage’s work in action is Connect DuPage. In recent years, many organizations have struggled to connect with local vendors along the supply chain. Choose DuPage set out to address this challenge, while also supporting equity within the region, by developing and implementing Connect DuPage. The program provides valuable resources that connect businesses with suppliers while raising awareness for minority, women, disabled and veteran-owned businesses in the area. The result is a more connected regional supply chain, a healthier economy, and greater opportunities—especially for disadvantaged businesses.

Another good example is Reinvest DuPage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many DuPage businesses struggled to get back on their feet, especially small businesses. To support the community, Choose DuPage implemented the Reinvest DuPage Small Business Relief Grant Program, an initiative that awarded over $36 million in government relief funds to more than 2,000 small businesses.

While these are just a few examples of Choose DuPage’s work, they show how the organization makes a real impact on people, businesses and communities across DuPage. Today, the partnership continues to promote collaboration both within DuPage County and across the region by supporting the Greater Chicagoland Economic Development Partnership. Visit them online to learn more about Choose DuPage and meet it’s board members.

Spotlight welcomed Choose DuPage’s Greg Bedalov, President & CEO and Rita Haake, Senior Vice President.