Empowering youth and building resilient futures with KidsMatter

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KidsMatter is driven by a powerful mission: to empower children to confidently choose paths of endless possibilities while steering clear of destructive choices. The organization firmly believes that nurturing resilience can pave brighter futures for youth in DuPage and Will counties.

KidsMatter’s collaborative approach

KidsMatter operates in close collaboration with an extensive community network of organizations and resources, including mental health professionals, hospitals, schools, public safety agencies, faith-based communities, and local businesses. Through these partnerships, they maximize their impact and reach, ensuring their support and services extend to over 50,000 young minds.

Focus on prevention & empowering youth

As a prevention-based organization, KidsMatter focuses on children’s holistic well-being, recognizing the interconnectedness of a child’s social, emotional, and academic development. They strive to provide comprehensive programs and events that equip youth and families with essential tools to manage the negative stressors encountered in their everyday lives effectively.

KidsMatter’s commitment to youth empowerment is unwavering. Through various initiatives, workshops, and activities, they aim to instill confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in the hearts of young community members. Doing so empowers them to make positive choices and seize opportunities that will shape their futures.

How KidsMatter supports families

KidsMatter understands that the well-being of children is intricately linked to the well-being of their families. The organization offers resources and programs that assist parents and guardians in understanding and addressing the unique challenges their children may face. They believe a strong family support system is key to nurturing resilient kids.

Join KidsMatter 

Families, community members, and supporters are invited to join KidsMatter on their mission to build resilient kids who confidently say “no” to destructive choices and enthusiastically say “yes” to endless possibilities. Together, they can create a brighter and more promising future for the youth of DuPage and Will counties.

To learn more about KidsMatter and its programs, please visit their website. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of children and shape a community where endless possibilities thrive.

Spotlight welcomed KidMatter representatives Nina Menis, Executive Director, and CEO and Sherilyn Hebel, Director of Programs.