How the Chicago Sinfonietta pioneers diversity, equity, & inclusion

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Chicago Sinfonietta (CS) is not just your typical orchestra; it’s a tenured powerhouse and a revered cultural influencer dedicated to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion through the magic of symphonic music. For over three decades, this remarkable ensemble has forged connections within the community, ensuring that classical music becomes a source of unity, inspiration, and a driving force for fairness and equity.

At its core, Chicago Sinfonietta is a groundbreaking, dynamic, and daring force in the world of classical music. Its values are firmly rooted in cultural responsiveness and a relentless commitment to inclusivity across all facets of its 36-year journey. This dedication has propelled CS to the forefront of innovation, setting incredibly high standards for symphonic experiences.

How the Sinfonietta is Bold.Innovative.Inclusive.

What sets Chicago Sinfonietta apart is its unwavering commitment to leading by example. Through immersive audience engagement initiatives, impactful career development programs, educational endeavors, and extensive community outreach, CS is not just creating music; it’s creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of togetherness.

In a world where diversity and inclusivity are more important than ever, CS stands as a shining beacon of change, using the power of music to break barriers and unite communities.

Spotlight welcomed Blake-Anthony Johnson, President & CEO of the Chicago Sinfonietta.