Inside Out Club DuPage Empowers Kids to Live with Character

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Inside Out Club DuPage believes it’s never too early to start equipping your kids with the character skills they need to problem-solve, express empathy, cope with challenges in a positive way, think of new ideas, appreciate life’s gifts and so much more. Inside Out Club’s unique educational and volunteer opportunities combine social and emotional learning (SEL) with service learning to empower kids to care for others, themselves, animals, and the planet starting as young as age three.

Inside Out Club DuPage’s mission is to empower kids to live each day with good character. Their vision is that each child they serve gives back and makes a positive impact on the world around them.

Individuals, families and groups can take part in the Inside Out Club through their programs or by volunteering for the organization. Programs include a 5-week Series for K-5th graders after school, Stand-alone events for families or groups with children ages 3-12. In addition, Inside Out Club DuPage provides its programs to thousands of children through community partnerships with the Naperville Public Library, Naperville Park District, YMCA Safe N Sound, and more. Free resources on their website can be used by any educator, parent, or adult to help children build their character skills. Please look at the website to learn more.

Inside Out Club offers all of its programs at reasonable rates and has an “all in fund” for any child that cannot afford the program fees. Approximately, 12-15% of all participants need their fees waived. Inside Out Club DuPage relies on generous individuals, grantors, and on fundraising events to support it’s mission.

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Marion Ruthig, Executive Director

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